Game Worn Card Giveaway (multiple winners)

Discussion in 'Contests' started by Peter T Davis, Jul 8, 2013.

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  1. Guardian

    Guardian New Member

    The contest is over NattyBoo. ;)

    Congratulations to the winners! Nice rewards.

    Thanks Peter for the awesome contest. The video was a nice and honest touch too!
  2. ranbethscards

    ranbethscards ...just waiting for NASCAR products Moderator

    huh? kind of late... lol
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  3. IQless1

    IQless1 Active Member

    There's two current "Pick a number between 1 and 100" contests, so it's probably just a misplaced pick. ;)
  4. murpdog123

    murpdog123 New Member

    Thanks for the chance to win something, been away for awhile but back now and ready to BUY
  5. Peter T Davis

    Peter T Davis Notorious Admin Moderator

    I'll be getting another giveaway under way soon, just trying to hide from the heat this week. :eek:
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  6. IQless1

    IQless1 Active Member

    Hey Pete, I got my cards today:

    Peter Davis 3.jpg

    Pokemon? Oh wait, wrong scan....hold on a second:

    Peter Davis 2.jpg

    No, no...that's not it either! But see how that Triumvirate reuses to scan properly? It's been annoying trying to get a decent image of it out of my scanner and camera, but I did post a few images here:

    Let's try again:

    Peter davis 1 IQ Sucks.JPG

    Well now that's just inappropriate, Pete. And you used pink crayon directly onto the cards?

    Bad form old chap, bad form indeed.

    Oh wait, I think that was me that did that...using "Paint". :D

    I think I found the right image now...these computers can be tricky to navigate...(coughs):

    Peter davis 1.jpg

    Ahhhh, there we go! In addition to the card I won, a 2008 Upper Deck Stadium Scenes # SS12 Kerry Wood relic, Peter surprised me with a few additional cards: A 2008 Upper Deck Goudey # 18 Eddie Murray, a 2010 Topps Legendary Lineage # LL-71 Jim Palmer/Brian Matusz, and a 2011 Topps # 532 Erik Bedard.

    I haven't been able to buy cards in a while myself, my stuff suddenly stops with 2007, so these are very much appreciated, Pete!

    Oh, as for the fun I had above, just be grateful I didn't go with: "I didn't know you made cards of yourself, but the swimsuit one was too much....wayyyyy too much!"

    But I didn't go there....asterisk....:D
  7. cinderr

    cinderr Member

    I thank you also. My little grandson has just started collecting. I would hold any of these for him. Number 23, brother!

    I'd get in a a Pokemon contest---grandkids you know!
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  8. IQless1

    IQless1 Active Member

    lol....the two I posted are remnants of my son's childhood. The Pokemon phase lasted a year or two, and he traded away most of them by the time he was ten...eleven. By then he was into Dragonball Z, or some Yugio or Digimon thing, I forget. Bottom line is they are all Japanese lol

    I eventually rescued the remnants, and have a few stored away. Most are junk, and neither of the two pictured are very valuable at $8 for the pair. Too bad my son traded away the valuable one....hope he got something good for it, like a few video games. I told him to be careful, and made sure he understood that the card was worth a lot, but ...(shrugs) are kids.
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