Golf Event Worn Lot

Discussion in 'Sports Card Chat' started by CkyTx, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. CkyTx

    CkyTx Member

    1. Easiest way to get this lot-
    Heroes sketch cards...either series..possibly consider costume and autos.

    Other considerations-
    Non Sports sketch cards, autos, costume cards
    Games for ps3, wii, 360.
    Blu-Ray dvds
    Dvd tv season sets

    DONT ask me to check your bucket etc etc...if you have anything under my "wants", just tell me what it is vs making me hunt it down.

    This lot consists of the following cards-

    02 Sp Gu Jack Nicklaus Front 9 Fabric F9S-JN
    White/Gray/Red with seam stitching

    02 Sp Gu Byron Nelson Front 9 Fabric F9S-BN
    Gray With White "dots"

    02 Sp Gu Ven Venturi Front 9 Fabric F9S-KV

    02 Sp Gu Colin Montgomerie Front 9 Fabric F9S-CM

    02 Sp Gu Gary Player Front 9 Fabric F9S-GP

    02 Sp Gu Ty Tryon Front 9 Fabric F9S-TT
    Dark Blue or Black

    02 Spa Sergio Garcia Course Classics CC-SG

    02 Spa Tom Weiskopf Course Classics CC-WE
    Black/Green/Blue/Yellow flowery mixture

    02 Ud Lee Janzen Fairway Fabrics LJ-FF

    Scan of some-
  2. iLikePie

    iLikePie New Member

    I have Skate It, for wii...I would be interested in this lot of cards.
  3. CkyTx

    CkyTx Member

    Thanks but I wouldnt, couldnt, trade that lot for that one game.
  4. iLikePie

    iLikePie New Member

    I never said I wanted the whole lot for it, but okay.
  5. CkyTx

    CkyTx Member

    My apologies but when you offer 1 item and say youre interested in the lot, what was I to expect?
  6. iLikePie

    iLikePie New Member

    Its no problem, which cards would you do for the game?
  7. whanlon

    whanlon Grading Freak

    how much for the patch at the bottom?
  8. coalregion

    coalregion Active Member

    I have 2 sketch cards from Indiana Jones if intersted, both 1/1 of course.
  9. iLikePie

    iLikePie New Member

    still here?
  10. CkyTx

    CkyTx Member

    Not looking to split this lot up unless its severely in my favor...dont want the better stuff picked off and getting stuck with the weaker ones which is why Im trying to move as a lot.
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