good or bad deal?

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what do you think?

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  1. great deal

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  2. good deal

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  3. fair deal

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  4. bad deal

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  5. horrible deal

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  1. SteakNchop

    SteakNchop New Member

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but it didn't seem like one sort've fit it. What do you think of this deal:
    I get:

    she gets:
  2. Ryan_Emery_77

    Ryan_Emery_77 New Member

    what i think...

    Look at this way... if you bought them individually on ebay... what would the lot cost ya? I say its a great deal.
  3. stumpfreeman

    stumpfreeman New Member

    Almost too good of a deal, what do they book for?
  4. stumpfreeman

    stumpfreeman New Member

    Just checked, they book for about $60 total, so ya, a fair deal.

  5. 208963

    208963 Active Member

    looks like a deal to me

  6. 0Braun8

    0Braun8 New Member

    those dont sell as well as they look but fair deal

    good players
  7. SteakNchop

    SteakNchop New Member

    They book that low? If so than this is a really bad deal.
  8. 0Braun8

    0Braun8 New Member

    Yeah like I said, as good as they look. they dont sell or book well

    thats why im confused why people said great deal
  9. stumpfreeman

    stumpfreeman New Member

    Yeah, don't know if you noticed, but none of the jersey cards in that set, even the octos, are numbered. That is a good sign that they were mass produced with all of the leftover pieces of plain jersey they had laying around. I didn't open one box of this stuff because it seemed waaaaayyy overpriced for what you got. The market for non serial numbered jerseys is dead. Even numbered ones are a bargan now. I wouldn't say you overpayed though, it was a fair price. You got some darn nice eye candy for your PC. If you bought them to resell, you may be SOL. IMO
  10. SteakNchop

    SteakNchop New Member

  11. SteakNchop

    SteakNchop New Member

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