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Discussion in 'Rookie Zone' started by LindaKay, May 1, 2014.

  1. LindaKay

    LindaKay Member

    Hi everyone! I'm new here -- well, actually, this is my second post because I started blabbing elsewhere on the forum without properly introducing myself. How rude!

    My name is Linda, and I just turned 26 years old yesterday. I live in eastern North Carolina, US. I was born and raised in this area and just love it here.

    I'm a full-time freelance writer who writes articles and blog posts for various site owners. In my free time, I like watching sports, collecting sports cards, couponing, collecting stamps, cooking and baking. I live with my boyfriend, Ryan; we have been together for a little over five years now and have been living together for about four years.

    Anyways, I'm looking forward to meeting everyone here and chatting about sports cards! I hope I can learn a lot, and maybe I can share a little bit with you guys as well. :)
  2. ranbethscards

    ranbethscards NASCAR products are back baby!!!!! oh yeah! Moderator

    Welcome to SCC Linda!!!
  3. Leafsfan1967

    Leafsfan1967 Well-Known Member

    Hi Linda! Welcome to the site. We are very happy that you joined our little group here at SCC. Are you a race fan at all being from NC?

  4. CamaroDMD

    CamaroDMD Insert Cool Title Moderator

    Welcome Linda!!!
  5. Taliasen

    Taliasen Collecting Rickey Henderson and Sean Casey. Moderator

  6. LindaKay

    LindaKay Member

    Wow, guys! Thanks for the warm welcome!

    Leafsfan - No, I'm not really a racing fan. It's definitely a big thing around here, and I've watched it off and on with my dad ever since I was very young. He is a huge fan. To me, it's a bit boring. I like to catch the highlights, though.
  7. Leafsfan1967

    Leafsfan1967 Well-Known Member

    True, it's not a sport that has many casual fans. Either you are a huge fan, or you aren't. No fence sitting fans in nascar. It can be a very boring sport, even for huge fans, but it definitely helps to take in a race live. There just isn't any comparison from live to watching on TV. Smelling the tire smoke, and watching a car fly by at 200 MPH just can't be captured properly on TV.

    Great having you here. Feel free to share any of your articles, and blogs with us here if you feel like it. Would love to read your stuff.

  8. LindaKay

    LindaKay Member

    I have never been to a live race, but I would definitely go. I think all live events -- sporting, music, whatever -- are far more interesting than watching them on TV. The whole vibe is different.

    Thanks again for the warm welcome. I'll share some of my stuff with you guys sometime soon. :)
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