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    hello my name is Tom and I'm an addict

    I'm 30 years old in collecting cards since I was probably 9. I primarily collect football cards but I have a vast collection of baseball and a couple basketball. I would consider myself a set collector.

    recently I had all of my valuabe cards anything over 5 dollars stolen from me from a family member. I pretty much had separated all the good cards from my collection and put them in top loaders and store them and one of those plastic card cases.
    my wife's brother helped us move and remarkably that card case came up missing. I was devastated because there was at least 150 stars, patches, and auto cards in there. We always thought we left them behind In the old apartment and It got thrown out.
    untill my wife's brother started talking about he was making a killing on eBay selling his quote good cards. so I look up his eBay account and guess what those cards look very familiar! we confronted him about taking my cards and he swears on his mother's life that they were all cards from his personal collection. I knew this was *** and I even called the police to file a police report but they said there was nothing I could do unless I had some kind of receipt or evidence that they were originally mine.

    point of the story, that is how I found you guys because since then I have decided to start a database of my cards. that has led to a newfound obsession with my cards and Here I am.

    I have been reading the forums for a while but finally decided to introduce myself my name is Tom, and im a football card addict lol

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