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    Guess I was on the old forum a while back but it has been quite a while.
    I used to collect cards, mainly football. Back in the early 90s, I did card shows, buying and selling until the market took a big nose dive. Have thousands of cards stored away from everything I bought trying to chase those inserts and rookie cards. Will get rid of them some day.

    I grew up in Wisconsin. Watched the late 60s Packers when I was a kid. Collected their cards, which I still have. Diehard Fan!!! That's why I bleed Green and Gold. Packer Fan for life!!!

    I collect Packers, Brewers, Bucks, LA Kings, and Wis Badgers cards. Haven't collected in a while but when football comes around, I check around for some new Packer cards. Why a Kings fan for hockey you ask? Wisconsin doesn't have a professional team and since I was living in California after being stationed here for 8 years and a year in Australia, I got interested in the Kings. Later on I was a huge fan during the Wayne Gretzky days at the Kings. Was at the game when he scored Goal 802. Actually snapped a pic of the goal from the nose bleed seats. Had it blown up including an 8x10 of the scoreboard at that moment, sent it to him and about 6 months later, got them both back signed. Same night Tom Hanks was there (2 nights after he won the Academy Award) to witness the goal and got a pic of him and my wife together and autogaph after the game. Was at the playoffs for their try at the Stanley Cup back then also.

    Favorite card I have - Bart Starr Rookie.
    Favorite piece of memorabilia - A Packer helmet I got signed by several 1993 Packers after the Packer/San Diego game in San Diego, when Ed West saw me outside the gate of the visiting bus area holding up the helmet and motioned me to come inside the players area through security. Once I was in, he signed it and walked away....I started walking around and got the following players: Ed West, Corey Harris, Mike Prior, and a few others, then I walked up to, and felt like I was looking up at the man, Reggie White! I asked him to signed the helmet and he did. And last but not least, I saw Brett Favre heading towards the bus and asked him to sign. He did!! I got 8 autographs that day, thanks to Ed West letting me inside the Player bus area!!! Great day for me!!
    Teams I can't stand - Vikings, Lions, Bears, Tampa Bay, 49ers, Cowboys,,,oh btw, the Bears STILL SUCK!!!
    Am I Still a Favre Fan - YES!! I am. Didn't like what happened between the Packers and Favre and I blame them both for the circus it created. But what he did for the team throughout the years was awesome. I even didn't mind him going to the Jets...the Vikings was another story. But yes, I am still a Favre fan!!!

    That's about it. A Packer fan living in Southern California.

    Sorry for the rambling but I thought I would introduce myself.
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    You've had some interesting history! Nice post, btw.

    I'm in the U.P. of Michigan, and my family is die-hard Packer-fans. I watched the 70's and 80's go by with few fun moments with the team lol

    I have Packer cards, but I'm not trading or selling them. I may or may not post some of the odd-balls and autos and such here, but I've only just put them into protective sleeves, semi-rigids, and team-set bags (to keep the semi-rigids from scratching...I hate that) and am starting to scan them soon...a minor-major project that will take days. I still have my autos and relics to scan too. I want to have proper records for these, with pics, and not just stored in random boxes (some with lists, some not) forever lol

    About ten years ago or so I found a signed (in person, authentic? Who knows, but it matched the sigs I was familiar with so I bought it for $20) Bart Starr card in an antiques shop in some small town in Wisconsin. I had it a while and eventually gave it to one of my brothers. He is also a die-hard Packer fan, but had moved to Minnesota. He was surrounded by infidels (;)) so I sent him a box of cheap Packer crap from Shopko that was on clearance...to annoy his girlfriend that he lived with. She's a Viking's fan, or "infidel" :D

    See? Now THAT is how you properly ramble...;)

    And welcome (back) to the site. I'm new myself.
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    Welcome back , glad you made it to the new site!
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    Welcome to the site! Thanks for the post! :)
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