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Discussion in 'Baseball Card Talk' started by Dacubs?, May 20, 2007.

  1. Dacubs?

    Dacubs? New Member

    I sent in 3 cards in april or may of 2006 to Upper Deck to be replaced due to damage:

    1) 2005 Trilogy Ken Griffey Jr Autograph (pictured as a National league all-star) #111/199 bv=60
    (damage was a slighly bent corner and if you turn the card in the light, you could see vertical scratch lines in the middle of the card, the length of the card)

    2) 2005 Trilogy Bo Jackson/Torii Hunter/ALex Rios triple jersey #/50
    (damage was vertical scratch lines)

    3) 2005 Reflections Todd Helton Fabric Reflections GU
    (damage was large crease by the jersey swatch)

    Well, I called in november to see the status and there was no record of the cards being sent in. I was S.O.L. because I forgot to send with D.C. so I figured the cards were gone...

    DHL stops by on friday the 18th and I get a package from Upper Deck. Good news and bad news....

    The good news...my cards were back, 2 were replaced
    The bad news...the griffey was not replaced, but sent back the original card
    The good news...they sent me 3 packs of 2006 sweet spot hobby baseball
    The bad news...didn't pull anything, although I got 2 base cards that I needed for my set

    I know it isn't much and a year later, but hey....I thought they were gone :)

    Its like repulling the bv 60 griffey auto :)
    I emailed customer service as to why the griffey couldn't be repulled and the answer came back as "supplies had run out" I'm glad they didn't try to remake the card since it seems all griffey autos now seem to be on that silver sticker and this one was on a clear sticker.
  2. bongo870

    bongo870 New Member

    Man has upper deck really let me down. Sorry but I need to vent here. I usually have to wait on average 1 1.2 - 2 years for my redemptions and most of the time they just send me a replacement of junk cards. Now I have been waiting 2 years for 1 auto sweet spot of Jose Reyes. Upper deck said the day I called was the very day it went into the presses and to give it 1 month to get to me. a month and a half later I called and they said "we don't know anything about the presses for that card"
    So I sent an email to the main top guy there and he replaced it with a dual auto/jersey card of Jose Reyes and David write. I was on cloud nine. He said he did it due to the massive problems I have been having with them through the years. He also said "don't tell anyone" I said I wont if all goes well.
    Well as you can see I am talking about it.. Why? I never got my card. it said over a month ago that is was being shipped with other projects and expect in 14 days. After the 14 days the status went to shipped. I called 10 days later and they said they had no info on the card or even if it went out. They had no tracking codes for it so it prob was pocketed by someone and they said it was shipped. I was mad! I e-mailed that guy again and he said give it till the 18th to get to me.. Well today is what? the 20th and it has now been over a month since the first status said shipped.
    I was screwed buy upper deck so bad. I wrote to the guy and I have not heard from him again. NOW WHAT?
    sorry for the rant.
    I needed to vent
    Thanks for listening to me
    brad (one guy who will NEVER buy upper deck again)
  3. RZ11

    RZ11 New Member

    Congrats on getting those back. ;) UD can be "ok" at times.
  4. rynesandbergfan23

    rynesandbergfan23 New Member

    I had two problems with UD.

    The First:

    I recently filed a complaint with the BBB about UD. I emailed over some bad cards and offered to send them in, the CS rep said not to worry about it, he asked how I wanted to handle it, I said replacement, since the product was "no longer in issue" he was going to send replacement product from last year "this whole ordeal happened over a year ago".

    I've emailed once a month for the past six months asking for status and I get no reply.

    So I filed the report, and gave them copies of the email, stating product would be replaced, has been processed and should be recieved in 3-4 weeks.

    That 3 to 4 weeks was over 6 months ago, I understand they are slow, but I'll let the BBB sort that out.

    The Second:

    I emailed about the Reflections break I had were 20 cards out of the 40 some were damaged. They told me we dont replace anything over 8 months old, tough luck.

    I may file another complaint over that BS. I dont see why I should pay $85.00for damaged cards.

    Sorry for the hijack and vent.

    Congrats on your so-so luck with them dacubs.
  5. rynesandbergfan23

    rynesandbergfan23 New Member

    You might try that Bongo, it is the Better Buisness Bureau. They arbitrate for the buisness and customer.
  6. bongo870

    bongo870 New Member

    i will look into that.. Thanks
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