im new and looking for some paypal!!!please look

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  1. marlborosports

    marlborosports New Member

    need to sell some cards for paypal!!!if you are interested in anything please lmk what and what your offer is...thanks for looking!!!

    1998 ud3 future shock randy moss rc(fs17)
    1998 thunder starburst randy moss rc
    1998 absolute draft picks randy moss rc
    1998 metal quasars randy moss rc
    1998 encure super powers randy moss rc
    1998 topps randy moss rc
    1998 bowman scouts choice randy moss rc
    1998 metal randy moss rc
    1998 thunder randy moss rc
    1998 ud choice rookquest randy moss rc
    1998 stadium club prime rookies randy moss rc
    1998 bowman randy moss rc
    1998 coll.edge 1st quarter randy moss rc
    1998 fleer randy moss rc
    1998 ud choice randy moss rc

    1997 revolution tony gonzalez rc
    1997 premium tony gonzalez rc
    1997 fleer tony gonzalez rc
    1997 upper deck tony gonzalez rc

    1995 ultra steve mcnair rc
    1995 action packed rookies and stars steve mcnair rc
    1995 action packed steve mcnair rc
    1995 pacific red steve mcnair rc
    1995 playoff contenders rookie kick off steve mcnair rc

    1997 donruss studio class of distinction barry sanders
    1997 donruss studio portrait proof barry sanders

    2001 topps ladainian tomlinson rc
    2001 pacific war room lt rc
    2001 score ladainian tomlinson rc
    2001 dynagon top of the class lt rc
    2001 bowman best bets lt rc
    2001 bowman lt rc
    2001 fleer premium rookie revolution lt rc
    2001 victory lt rc
    2001 press pass lt rc
    2001 press pass blue lt rc
    2001 press pass gold lt rc

    2000 aurora shaun alexander rc
    2000 gold reserve shaun alexander rc
    2000 topps gallery shaun alexander rc
    2000 bowman shaun alexander rc
    2000 topps gold label class 3 shaun alexander rc
    2000 masters majestic shaun alexander rc #4102/5000
    2000 crown royale rookie royalty shaun alexander rc
    2000 victory battle ground shaun alexander rc
    2000 ud legends rookie gallery shaun alexander rc

    2000 bowman plaxico burress rc
    2000 topps stars plaxico burress rc
    2000 impact plaxico burress rc
    2000 topps gallery plaxico burress rc
    2000 ionix rookie extreme plaxico burress rc
    2000 topps plaxico burress rc
    2000 crown royale rookie royalty plaxico burress rc
    2000 leaf rookies and stars ticket master p.burress/j.bettis rc #96/2000
    2000 edge supreme plaxico burress rc #/2000
    2006 topps chrome refractor jay cutler rc
    2005 zenith canton bound tom brady
    2005 bazooka gold tom brady
    2005 topps new age performers tom brady
    2005 topps dpp chrome tom brady
    2006 ultra ultra stars tom brady
    2004 topps own the game tom brady
    2006 ud fantasy top 25 tom brady
    2006 topps total total topps tom brady
    2006 topps total award winners tom brady
    2006 leaf rookies and stars crusade tom brady #519/1000
    2002 fleer golden memories tom brady
    2002 crown royale sunday soldiers tom brady
    2004 ultra ultra performers tom brady
    2004 topps total silver tom brady
    2005 topps then and now tom brady/joe montana
    2003 playoff contenders mvp contenders tom brady
    2002 donruss gridiron kings tom brady #1772/2000
    2004 topps chrome ring of honor tom brady
    2002 topps chrome ring of jonor tom brady

    2004 absolute marks of fame payton manning #178/1000
    2006 fleer the franchise payton manning
    2004 prestige archievements payton manning
    2004 prestige league leaders p.manning/
    2004 topps own the game payton manning
    2006 prestige gridiron heritage payton manning
    2006 fleer fantasy standouts payton manning
    2006 topps sports illustraded payton manning
    2005 ud espy payton manning
    2005 zenith silver payton manning
    2005 bazooka blue payton manning
    2005 topps total total topps payton manning
    1999 aurora pinstrips payton manning
    2002 fleer career highlights payton manning
    2000 ud legends reflections in time p.manning/a.manning
    2004 bazooka tattoo payton manning

    1994 ud pro bowl john elway
    1999 topps chrome hall bound john elway
    1998 stadium club luminous john elway
    1999 revolution chalk talk john elway
    1999 topps finest finest salute j.elway/t.davis/r.moss
    2002 playoff contenders idols j.elway/t.couch
    1999 ud mvp dynamics mvp john elway
    1987 topps john elway
    1996 pacific bomb squad j.elway/a.miller
    1996 pacific power corps john elway
    1996 ud choice mvp silver john elway

    1995 action packed rookies and stars 24kt gold team brett farve
    1991 upper deck brett farve rc
    1999 coll.edge excalibur brett farve #1396/5000
    2000 ultra dream team brett farve
    2003 ud superstars brett farve
    1995 ud choice you crash the game silver brett farve
    2006 topps turkey red brett farve sp
    2002 ud honor roll deans list brett farve
    2006 threads generations j.elway/big ben
    2006 topps total award winners brett farve
    2005 bazooka blue brett farve
    2005 zenith team zenith brett farve
    2002 heritage brett farve(sp black)
    2003 pristine brett farve

    1993 pro set power combo e.smith/t.aikman
    2002 fleer throwbacks emmitt smith
    1997 upper deck star attractions emmitt smith
    1999 aurora pinstrips emmitt smith

    1995 upper deck a cut above dan marino(ca6)
    1995 upper deck a cut above dan marino(ca10)
    1995 pinnacle clear shots dan marino
    1995 fleer td sensations dan marino
    1994 ud then and now dan marino
    2000 impact rewind 99 dan marino
    1995 ud choice chronicles dan marino
    2000 topps 40-td club d.marino/k.warner
    1997 proline dc dan marino diecut
    2000 topps gallery haritage dan marino
    1995 skybox mirror image d.marino/t.dilfer
    1990 topps dan marino
    1989 score dan marino
    1999 aurora pinstrips dan marino
    1993 bowman foil dan marino
    1998 ud choice rookquest d.marino/b.griese
    1993 ud team mvp dan marino
    1984 instant replay dan marino rc
    1999 ud power deck joe montana cd
    2002 topps chrome reprint terry bradshaw
    2001 topps archives red grange
    2001 topps archives jim thorpe
    2002 fleer classic combinations walter payton/a.thomas
    2001 bowman chrome reprint frank gifford
    2001 bowman chrome reprint alan ameche
    2003 donruss classics legend raymond berry #320/1000
    2001 donruss classics legend ozzie newsome #694/1425
    2001 bowmans best vintage best joe namath
    2001 bowmans best vintage best jim brown
    2001 quantum leaf all-millennium marks fran tarkentom #668/1000
    2000 topps reprint johnny unitas(#1)
    2002 prestige banner season frank gifford #1798/1956
    1999 topps stars reprint terry bradshaw(#2of2)
    1989 pro set deion sanders rc
    2001 topps archives reprint doug williams
  2. marlborosports

    marlborosports New Member

    ladainian tomlinson rcs sold anyone else???
  3. BabyBraves05

    BabyBraves05 New Member

    hey, how much dlvd you need for the peyton mannings
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