Industry Summit (Press Pass Update)

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    Last week there was an Industry Summit in Las Vegas. All the card manufacturers were present (Press Pass, Panini, etc.).

    The BIG news from Press Pass: a reduction down to six releases this year, focusing on keeping only the top performing brands from last year.

    Press Pass released this:

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    One thing I would like to see is a book Auto/Race Used of Kevin and his dad Sammy Swindell together. JMO, but they should try and do like the top 3 or 4 dirt racing divisions, like what a company did back in the day with the WoO Sprints. Like have the WoO Sprints, Late Models, and Super Dirt Series(Big Block Modifieds) with Autos and R/U. I think it would be a hit for kids and local race fans as it would give them the chance to get an autograph of a driver that is hard to reach before/after the races.


    This is interesting information....

    Racinghy while it would be hit with some it is also a fine line with the racing collectors. While many of us enjoy getting greats of other series in releases there seems to be a far more vocal majority that hate it for the most part. Putting the greats of the NHRA and INDY seems to rub people the wrong way every they are in legends. That despite the fact that the product is not called NASCAR legends
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    Well, I mean like its own series, not an addition to another


    Not enough interest. INDY and NHRA both have had their turn with their own releases and can not support a stand alone product. With much larger fan bases and marketing. Thats why they have to mix them in with NASCAR to get cards out for the biggest of the big stars and sales are much lower than the nascar ones
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    JMO again, but that is why they should sell it at tracks not only on the tour, but at local tracks in the US/Canada. Make it a reasonably priced product, and kids would try to talk their parents into buying it or make like a blaster box with 1 Auto/RU/Parallel per box, and have them alternate like a parallel, then auto, R/U, etc.


    i agree with you just cant see anyway it would ever be possible.

    I just wish NASCAR would get their heads clear and instead of looking at cards as a way to make money by licensing they would use them as a marketing tool. Press Pass cant even distribute them free at tracks. You have to pay to do that.
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    WOW, you have got to be kidding me...that is ridiculous


    These companies make money or they wouldnt be in it. However they do not make money on every product. There is a huge amount of expense in producing these cards since everyone and their mama wants money from the licensing. The industry show is not that big of an event and its limited in who can attend. This year leaf and itg were not allowed to attend even though they had paid in advance. What do you mean can you get football cards and horse racing cards. Can you get them from whom. There are many cards out there and different companies producing them What are you looking for and how much are you willing to spend are the first questions that need to be answered to lead you anywhere. What information are you newbies looking for. People are willing to help and answer questions because no site can just put huge amounts of tutorials online. a lot of people wouldnt read anyway they just ask the questions. So what are your questions
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