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    This is an older interview I had published a while ago, re-used with permission.

    Jay Riemersma - former TE for the Bills and Steelers.

    In addition to being a former NFL Tight End, Mr. Riemersma graduated from the University of Michigan. He is currently a Republican candidate for Michigan's 2nd Congressional district. His website and player card links are below.

    Jay Riemersma for Congress
    Jay Riemersma

    1) Where did you enjoy playing Buffalo or Pittsburgh?
    2) Who did you consider your best teammate?
    Bryce Paup
    3) What was your best game in the NFL?
    Hard to say...

    What to you think of the progressive movement?
    Not a fan!!

    What are the pros/cons to playing in the NFL vs. college?
    More loyalty in college.

    How can you describe being a 19-20 year old and playing at Michigan Stadium in front of 107K people?
    You can't. It must be experienced!

    1. What made you decide politics, I think you would have been great on the NFL Network.
    Perhaps after the Congressional run.
    2. In your playing days ,who would you think was the hardest hitter?
    Not sure
    3. Do you collect sports cards, either now or as a kid?

    What was the most memorable moment of your college career?
    Beating OSU my senior yr.

    What player in today's game would be most comparable to you?
    Not sure...

    Do you still have anything to do with the NFL?

    Is there any significance to your jersey #?
    16 was for Joe Montana...85 was for Wesly Walls

    What was it like when you saw yourself on a football card for the first time?

    Did you play other sports in High School and College?
    HS - Basketball & Baseball

    What is it like and/or is all the hype really there for the players when playing each other in the biggest rivalry in sports? (UofM vs. OSU football)
    It's a huge deal!!!

    What was the one play you would like to have back? (least memorable
    Dropping a couple passes...

    If you could play any other position besides TE, what would it be and why?
    QB, I played that position in HS.

    Did you have any pre or during game superstitions or rituals?
    I would eat the same breakfast before every game.

    At what point or how did you know that pro football was the right sport for you?

    If not a pro football player, what would you have been and why?

    Several members are curious if you will sign autographs through the mail?
    Yes! Please send requests to my campaign address.

    Box 1467
    Holland, MI 49422-1467

    Thanks again for sharing!

    Thanks to Mr. Riemersma for taking time off from the campaign trail to share with us!
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    So he's sane? :confused:

    Well, he's lost my vote now. :D
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    I actually have a couple signed Jay Riemersma rookie cards. They are probably worth a few pennies at the most but I always respected this guy. I grew up in Western New York so I was able to watch all of his games. The man was an excellent pass catcher and blocker. He hardly missed any games due to injuries. Thanks for posting the interview.
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