Its Official the 2011 HOF Class

Discussion in 'Football Card Talk' started by wheeler281, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. wheeler281

    wheeler281 SCF LEGEND

    It's Official, Class of 2011 Hall of Fame:

    Marshall Faulk
    Deion Sanders
    Shannon Sharpe
    Richard Dent
    Chris Hanburger
    Les Richter
    Ed Sabol
  2. wheeler281

    wheeler281 SCF LEGEND

    Can't complain regardless of who would have been on the list from the players that were up.

    It boggles my mind thiugh that Cris Carter did not even make the modern day final this evening for

    I think like some analysts have said that media needs there own section. Ed Sabol has done so much for the NFL but guys who have played should not have a spot taken IMO
  3. HiEnd

    HiEnd New Member

    Andre Reed still on the outside is an absolute joke
  4. wheeler281

    wheeler281 SCF LEGEND

    yeah could not go wrong with him as well. Was part of the AFC's version of the triplets
    I will say Carter should go 1st. Looks like he will be like Monk just un appreciated for a long time
  5. Ground Support

    Ground Support New Member

    Curtis Martin was snubbed as well.
  6. wheeler281

    wheeler281 SCF LEGEND

    yeah I did not think Martin stood a chance with everyone up.
  7. Ground Support

    Ground Support New Member

    4th all time in yards from scrimmage.. He has the stats..
  8. wju2004

    wju2004 Pittsburgh Fan n'at

    A few more hard to get autos...or ones I'll probably never have! lol.

    But at least a few more that I can afford to. Thankfully I got my Faulk not too long ago.
  9. ac-n-mike

    ac-n-mike New Member

    so NO to Bettis, NO to Carter, and NO to Tim Brown too? wow
  10. SQ180

    SQ180 New Member

    Willie Roaf making the final 10 in his first year eligible is nice to see.

    Does Deion go in as a Cowboy? I vote yes.
  11. wheeler281

    wheeler281 SCF LEGEND

    I did not think Bettis would get in 1st ballot. He will make it next cyear or year after. I have no more explanations for Carter. Tim Brown I say Meh

    SQ of course deion goes as a Cowboy. There was never any question in my mind
  12. ac-n-mike

    ac-n-mike New Member

    Deion should go in as a falcon ;) lol

    kidding of course ;)
  13. NattyBoo

    NattyBoo Active Member

    Deion should go in as a BRAVE- the BEST team he played on. LOL!
  14. yankeesfan24

    yankeesfan24 #1 DHB Supercollector

    yeah, Dent, Hanburger and Sharpe dont have much at all, and Sabol and Richter have nothing (atleast not yet anyway)
  15. dfr52

    dfr52 New Member

    I'm surprised both LB's made it in. I thought only one was going to make it and that was going to be Hanburger.
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