Jason Kidd Million Dollar Moments Fleeer 97-98

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  1. kobe bryant

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    I have a Jason Kidd Million Dollar Moments Fleer 97-98 card. I dunno if it counts as a real card though because at the back, you would see that it's like a raffle card. Also, at the back, it states that the card is 15 of 50 cards. Hmm... What do you think is the value of this card?
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  2. ranbethscards

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    I cannot help with a value, but will tell you that the "15 of 50 cards" means that there are 50 cards in the series... not of that one card.

    If you check eBay you will see that there is one for sale right now with a "buy it now" price of $2.93, with free shipping.
  3. dj*scorpion

    dj*scorpion Artifacts Collector

    That card was an Insertset (Million Dollar Moments) of 1997-98 Fleer. If you've got all 50 Cards you could sent them in and get 1 Million Dollars from Fleer.
    But: Cards 46-50 are so rare that I haven't seen them since they came out. If you find one of the cards 46-50 you have a card that is really expensive. The rest of the cards are not really worth a buck. I have 20 of each here in my boxes. have opened a lot of these boxes.....Sorry.
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  4. IQless1

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    Thanks for the info. I'll have to check mine...:bookworm:
  5. dj*scorpion

    dj*scorpion Artifacts Collector

    Do so. If you've got one, please inform me. Willing to buy it:droid:
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