Joe Torre Danbury Mint figure FT

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    Figure is out of the box and has a scratch on the base of it nea the oval on top going down the front side of the base. Im not sure if this could be varnished out or not. Im fairly certain it could be, but who knows. I will try to get a pic up to anyone who is genuinely interested in the piece (If I dont have one up before then).
    Scans of actual figure from website can be seen here.
    Joe Torre Figurine - The Danbury Mint

    I am looking for a ~$30 SV card of any sport. Auto or patch is prefered. Just send me a PM of drop an offer in here. I am fairly flexable.
  2. Pete Saginario

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    I am very interested how much do u want for it please email me at
    Thank you
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