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Discussion in 'Sports Card Chat' started by Shotgun Chuck, Jun 7, 2018.

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    I've mentioned this in the Rookie Zone, but basically, my late father was at one point given thousands of cards in four boxes by a card collector (apparently, this collector had recently closed his shop, and the boxes were what was left). Now I'm in debt and trying to unload anything I can that might bring in some cash, and trying to catalog this many cards would honestly take more time than I have. How much would I be able to get from this collection?


    Shoebox that doesn't look too full but still most likely has a few hundred cards


    Shoebox-size box full to the brim, lot of football in here


    Another shoebox, probably mostly baseball


    This is the copy paper box; sadly those boxes have been opened and seem to have been used merely for storage. Much smaller box is hiding under the long red box.

    A lot of the ones I have checked out are of the generic "buck a card" type on eBay, though at least one I looked up was going for more, and there are a few bigger names hiding in there as well.
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    you would really need to go through the boxes and pull the bigger names... and if you check eBay pricing, remember... "asking price" and "sold price" are two different things. If you do have a few higher priced cards I would recommend you put them in a penny sleeve and top loader to avoid damaged corners, creases, etc.
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    I agree with the post above, you need to go through them and look for bigger names plus anything that was hard to find. Tough inserts, serial numbers, ect.

    But, from what I can see in the looks to be 1990s and early 2000s cards. Most of the cards from those eras were so over produced they saturated the market and they are almost worthless. There are a few that have some value, but the vast majority do not.
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