looking for 10-11 artifacts and certified base cards

Discussion in 'Hockey Buy/Sell/Trade' started by KINGSCARD, Nov 12, 2010.


    KINGSCARD New Member

    hi there everyone i bought a handful of artifacts and certified and never get the sets just tons of dups..just wondering if anyone can help me complete these i have a list of inserts/rookies and parallels i would be willing to trade for the base cards to complete my sets the lists are below this would be much appreciated help thank you.

    10-11 artifacts 4 - 24 - 25 - 61 - 77 - 88

    10-11 certified 18 - 19 - 33 - 37 - 52 - 61 - 75 - 76 - 90 - 94 - 99 - 107

    updated 1/22/11
  2. Gil Wickabee

    Gil Wickabee New Member

    Have these Artifacts:
    19, 34, 49, 72, 80, 86

    KINGSCARD New Member

    cool what would you need for them i have that large list of rookies and inserts if you would like to pick some from there please let me know thank you
  4. Gil Wickabee

    Gil Wickabee New Member

    If it works for you, I can use this for my set

    KINGSCARD New Member

    yep thats cool, can you set up the trade if that works i will ship that monday or tuesday thank you
  6. rockstar09collector

    rockstar09collector New Member

    Heyy I have a dozen or two extras, inbox me and we can trade ill reply with what I have if u got any doubles I'm also looking to complete my set!
  7. rausco

    rausco New Member

    Hi , found these in your Wantlist:

    Certified # 32 Patrick kane

    Artifacts 10-11 3-23-36-53-80-86-95

    pmlk if still need it ? A+

    KINGSCARD New Member

    hi there for 10-11 artifacts i still need these base cards if you have them.


    please let me know if you can help me on these thank you

    KINGSCARD New Member

    thank you everyone for the help. i just updated the list just need a few more can anyone help with these last few
  10. Tom R

    Tom R New Member

    In certified I have 33,76,90
    In Artifacts I have 24,61,88

    LMK what you have for trade..

    KINGSCARD New Member

    hi tom thank you that would be a big help, on my site link below under hockey for trade i have a large list of inserts and parallels you can check out just let me know thank you
  12. rockstar09collector

    rockstar09collector New Member

    I have a whole bunch of artifacts.. 2010-2011 doubles and triples off all cards excpe # 91 #94 so if anyone wants to trade or buy let me know :D thanx for a fast reply pm me :)

    KINGSCARD New Member

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