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    A couple of months ago, Upper Deck held a caption the photo contest on their facebook page ( I noticed it, and entered my caption, not figuring I'd win, but what the heck I'd give it a shot. What I didn't notice was the deadline to enter had just passed. I didn't see it, and no idea, or I wouldn't have bothered entering.

    Not too long after that, I received an email from Upper deck's own Chris Carlin telling me that my entry was past the deadline to enter, so I din't win one of the 2 prizes, but the judges liked my caption so much, they asked the boss, and got permission to send me a prize as well. The prizes given out were a pack of the new 13-14 SP Game Used Hockey, which retails for around the $25-$30 a pack. A nice little prize indeed, and for someone who can't spend that kind of money on a pack of cards, it was a huge surprise.

    Fast forward about 7 weeks, or so, I still hadn't received anything, so I sent a message to the UD facebook page, and got a message returned that they would get Chris Carlin to look into it. Several more days went by, and I got another message saying that they weren't sure what happened to the first package, but they would send another out right away. I suspect that the package got forgotten about, and never got sent out, but at least they were sending one out, so again I was anxiously awaiting my moment of fun.

    Anyone who's opened SP Gamer Used will tell you that you get 6 packs per box, and one hit per pack, but most boxes you get 5 jersey card packs, and one auto per box. The odd box will have a serial numbered rookie as one of the base, and of course one of the packs will have a dual jersey card, or triple, quad, etc. Anything over a dual jersey card have astronomical odds.

    I get my package from Upper Deck yesterday, an open it to find a greeting card with an apology from Chris Carlin (birthday card sized), his UD business card, and not one, but 2 packs of 13-14 SPGU Hockey. Very nice of them to add the extra pack, I guess for making me wait 9 weeks, or so to get it. Not expected, but greatly appreciated. like I said, I don't get to open much these days being unable to work for so long now.

    The first pack yielded a nice dual jersey card of 2 Florida Panthers prospects Jonathan Huberdeau. and Quinton Howden (duals fall at a rate of 1:6 packs) Not a bad start. On to pack two which for some reason the cards wouldn't come out of the pack. They felt stuck, and then i noticed that there was a penny sleeve inside the pack. What happened is when they sealed, the pack shut, they crimped the bottom of the soft sleeve to the wrapper. Luckily the card was not damaged. Inside the sleeve was a COA card, and a rookie 6 jersey card. There are 3 jerseys on the front, and three on the back of the card, and all 6 different players are rookies this year. The 3 players on the front were goalies Jack Campbell (Dallas), Viktor fasth (Anaheim), and Calvin Pickard (Colorado). The 3 on the back were Emerson Etem (Anaheim), Ryan Spooner (Bruins), and Dougie Hamilton (Bruins). Card is not numbered, but these 6 way jersey cards come at a 1:180 pack rate, or one in every 30 boxes, so not bad. I couldn't find any for sale on ebay, so they must be rare.

    So, that's all. Pics of the 2 cards are below with the COA. The only bummer is the jersey pieces are from a photo shoot, and aren't game worn, but that's pretty much the way things are now, or they couldn't get rookie stuff in the products, if they waited on game used stuff, plus let's face it a lot cheaper for the company this way. Have you seen how much gamers go for? There were also 5 base cards in each pack, but I won't bore you with those. Very happy that Upper Deck did this for me. It goes a long way when a collector gets a little something like this. I have been a long time customer, and will continue to do so in the future. Guys like Chris Carlin are such a good thing for the hobby. He was the guy running the Black Diamond draft I posted the other day. The one with the red light up hat, lol.


    CARD 2 (FRONT):


    CARD 2 (BACK):


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    a couple of nice cards... the six jersey card is sweet!
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