Marshall Faulk '94 rookie card?

Discussion in 'What's it Worth?' started by dmwynn1234, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. dmwynn1234

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    I am just curious on the price of this card, it is a Marshall Faulk rookie/promo card from 1994. Its a Pinnacle brand card, and it was from when he was in the Indianapolis Colts. I believe this card number is 277 but I am not entirely sure. Can anybody give me an estimate of how much this could possibly be worth?
  2. IQless1

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    Pinnacle must own the Score brand. One possibility is this card:


    Another is Score Gold Zone, which there are two versions of. All three are #'d 277, use the same pic but with slight variations. I'm guessing one of the Gold Zones is a promo card, but I haven't verified that. If it says "Gold Zone" on the upper-right corner on the front of the card, then that's what you got. The one pictured is around $3 (asking price).

    It is his rookie year, but only certain sets contain the more valuable rookie of him. That's true with any star player.
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    Probably not much! people dont realize these things arent worth money, the cards worth money right now are from the 50's and 60's, wait another 25 years and it might be worth something! I am guessing 3.00- 6.00 dollars.
  4. dmwynn1234

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    Yeah, I figured it wouldn't be worth much. And yes lQless1, that is the exact card I have! I did research after posting this and found the same card on ebay for sale for a whopping 3 dollars. I think I will just keep it then, there isn't much of a point to selling this card to get lunch from some low end restaurant.

    Thanks all. :)
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    I know the feeling. When I found some Brett Favre rookies in packs back when I started collecting, I thought I had something pretty valuable. I bought some price guides that brought me down to Earth real quick though lol

    To date I have probably a dozen of his rookies, but none are worth more than $10 or so, and most are in the $5 range lol

    Still, I collected enough cards to get many lucky finds. One of which I'm using as my avatar, a Michael Jordan from a set in the late 90's. I could never find out info on it, but kept it safe and secure in a soft-sleeve and top-loader, and stored it 'till I had a good enough computer to do research on the card. Turns out it's a rare version, and worth some pretty good $$$, and that's not the only "hit" I've gotten over the years, but I collected a ton of cards to get 'em lol

    Nowadys you gotta be careful what packs or boxes you buy, as retail versions are usually just junk. What's valuable are the Hobby packs/boxes...they contain the better cards.

    Another way to collect is to buy straight from an auction site like eBay, that way you know what you're getting. Me? I like busting packs, but I've used eBay to get quite a few great deals on cards. Sites like this are a good way to trade for some good cards, but you always have to give up something good in return. Sometimes people sell cards here too, and if you have the $$$ you can purchase 'em from 'em. The trick is to only buy/sell/trade things you're comfortable buying/selling/trading for, and to always keep your best interests in mind first before acting on something.
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