Members thoughts on Panini's turn at producing NASCAR Products

Discussion in 'Racing Card Talk' started by ranbethscards, Apr 1, 2017.

  1. ranbethscards

    ranbethscards NASCAR products are back baby!!!!! oh yeah! Moderator

    Just wanted to see the members give some input on how Panini is doing so far with their NASCAR product.

    It almost reminds me of the ol' Press Pass days where they flooded the products with autographs and unnumbered race-used... making the product almost worthless.

    When the Donruss product was released, a LARGE portion of the "base set" was short print, so it was impossible to put a set of base together after purchasing one or two boxes.

    And how many... yes, how many (?), variations are we expected to see with each product?

    Awwww... the good ol' days when you pulled an unnumbered firesuit card of your favorite driver and didn't have to worry about finding the #399, #199, #99, #50, #25, #10 or the dreaded 1 of 1. Don't get me wrong... I like the idea of having "numbered" careds, but let's keep it simple and to a minimum. Helps with collecting and the market. How about doing a unnumbered, then a #99? I'd even settle for a third option of #/25... we don't need all the others.

    Let's see your input on how you feel about the way Panini is handling the NASCAR side of the product.
  2. jonsportscardz

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    I think there doing pretty good so far I love the new photos and designs of the cards havnt got much yet but we will seee what happens
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