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  1. CamaroDMD

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    I got a fun TTM success the other day. Several months ago, I sent a 1984 Topps USFL card to former NFL/USFL QB Greg Landry. He was one of the big name NFL veterans to sign with the new league. He was kind enough to sign the card for me.

    His only USFL card was in the 1984 set and it featured him with the Arizona Wranglers. What was odd about the Topps USFL sets is that they depicted players during the 1984 season. Traditionally, Topps NFL cards depicted players from the previous year...this is due to the NFL season being in the fall and the lack of time for production. Because the USFL was a spring league, this was not an issue.

    However, as a result there is no Topps depiction of the 1983 USFL season. In 1983, Greg Landry played for the Chicago Blitz. So, using the 1984 Topps USFL design, I created a custom card for Landry with the Blitz. I sent it to him about 2 months ago and it came back the other day signed!

    Here are both cards. The custom is on the left and the real card is on the right.

  2. unkilldoo

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    This looks fantastic! Extremely good job.
  3. CamaroDMD

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    Here is my latest creation. I will admit I started this one back in November and had it 80% done when I got side tracked with other hobbies and projects. Just never got back to it. Well, today I just dove back in and finished it.

    This is yet another example of a player where Topps didn't make a final card for. He played through 1987 but his last Topps issue was 1987 (which reflects his career from 75-86). So, that final NFL season gets omitted from Topps cardboard. I decided to make a 1988 Topps card for him which would reflect his entire career.

    #17 1988 Topps Walter Payton
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  4. ranbethscards

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  5. CamaroDMD

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    I think you mean..."Sweatness." :D:cool:
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  6. CamaroDMD

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    Kinda embarrassing...but I just noticed an error on the Payton. I listed his DOB wrong. He was born in 1954, not 1974. I have fixed it in my file...but not on the image posted here. My bad.

    On the good side though...I have a few more cards to post soon. I'm currently working on #21. I plan on posting #18-21 either late this week or early next week.
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    I will say.. now that I look at that "sweatness" picture... I think of the Olivia Newton John Video.. "Let's get physical".. lol
  8. CamaroDMD

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    Haha...that's a little before my time, but I'm pretty sure I know what your talking about. I really like the picture on that one. It has a real 80s feel to it and I feel like it's exactly the kind of photo Topps would have used.
  9. CamaroDMD

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    OK, it's time for a few new creations.

    This first one was a fun project. A friend contacted me recently and told me a story of a family friend of theirs. He had played minor league baseball back in the 1950s. The person who contacted me asked if I would be willing to create a custom card of/for this former ball player who never had a card (and is now in his 80s). Always looking for a new challenge...I jumped on the opportunity.

    Here is the result:
    #18 1957 Topps Daniel Lynk

    Next is a card that imitates one of my favorite sets...1984 Topps USFL. This was the first set issued by Topps for the new league. However, due to the Spring season for the USFL the 1984 cards are actually reflective of 1984 teams and players (not the previous season like NFL Topps issues of this era). So, no cards were made reflecting the 1983 season. The 1983 Blitz was involved in a whole team trade with Arizona between 1983/84...so no card exist of 1983 Blitz players with that team.

    Some time ago, a former Blitz player challenged me to create a small set of some of the 1983 Blitz. So, I did. This is one of the cards from that set...the only change from the original set is simply the card number on the back as I adapted this card to fit into my "Random" set.

    #19 1984 Topps USFL George Allen


    The last card for today feature my favorite active player, Marcus Mariota. I created this card in theme of 1962 Topps and it reflects his two seasons as an NFL player.

    #20 1962 Topps Marcus Mariota
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  10. unkilldoo

    unkilldoo Active Member

    These look great. I love the throwback theme that you use on these cards. Mostly because I grew up(at least age wise) way back then, and am very fond of the old time cards. They were a much more simple and clean design, unlike most of today's cards. I also loved the fact that they gave the players stats on the back, with a little bio.
    That being said, the 1957 card #18 is my favorite.
  11. ranbethscards

    ranbethscards NASCAR products are back baby!!!!! oh yeah! Moderator

    love that Mariota... and the Lynk is pretty sweet... I just wonder how many of the USFL guys wish they could forget that time of their lives.. lol
  12. CamaroDMD

    CamaroDMD Insert Cool Title Moderator

    Glad you guys like them. I got surprise in the mail yesterday...one of my customs came back signed. I had heard he was a really good signer and I guess it's true. Must be a really nice guy...he's a $100million mega-star QB and still answers his fan mail. I'm very impressed.

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  13. ranbethscards

    ranbethscards NASCAR products are back baby!!!!! oh yeah! Moderator

    are you sure Eli signed? He might be paying Peyton (who is jobless) to sign his name for him.. lol

    Congrats. I had heard that Eli was a great signer.
  14. unkilldoo

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  15. CamaroDMD

    CamaroDMD Insert Cool Title Moderator

    OK, I have a few more to share...this basically gets me "up to date" with posting my customs.

    This first one is another 1989 Topps design (yes...I know, another one). Anyway, I found a photo some time ago that I thought would work really good on a "team" card...I just didn't know quite how I wanted to do it. After some experimenting, I figured it out.

    There's a little story to this one...as a kid I grew up in Eugene, Oregon (Go Ducks!). I remember wanting to go to an Oregon football game and one day my dad said he would take me and my brother. So, already a Ducks fan I was very excited. The first game I went to was the annual Oregon "Civil War Game" between Oregon and Oregon State. This was the final game of the 1993 season and we lost. As disappointing as that must have been, this event greatly increased my interest in the Ducks, at a very impressionable age.

    So, the next season...I closely followed the team. One could say, 1994 was my first year as a "true fan" (I was 9). As luck would have it, Oregon had a miracle season and won the conference...securing a bid to the Rose Bowl. It was the perfect storm for a young fan to fall in love with the team and that is exactly what happened to me. As you might expect, 1994 Oregon is my favorite sports team ever assembled.

    So, I wanted to create a team card for that season. 1989 Topps had a "team leader" card at the front of every team in the set...so I took the design from one of those cards, modified it for my needs and created this custom:

    #21 1989 Topps '94 Oregon Ducks

    Really liking how the 1994 version of the card turned out...I decided to do another one for the next year (since it was the only season where my favorite Duck QB - Tony Graziani- was the full time starter). Again, I really like how it turned out and I might do this for each season since I became a fan mixed into my customs.

    #22 1989 Topps '95 Oregon Ducks

    The last one for today is a little different. Growing up I was a huge Atlanta Braves fan (they were always on TBS) and I still am. As a child, my favorite baseball player was David Justice (later in life that would change and Tom Glavine would become my favorite player). I thought it would be fun to do a Justice custom. I really like the 1963 Topps design so I went with that design. Here is the result:

    #23 1963 Topps David Justice

    That's all the cards I have done at this point. I am currently working on #24 and 25. Hopefully will have them up next week.
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  16. ranbethscards

    ranbethscards NASCAR products are back baby!!!!! oh yeah! Moderator

    I like the Justice card... alot of information on the back of the card!
  17. CamaroDMD

    CamaroDMD Insert Cool Title Moderator

    Thanks Randy.

    The back of the Justice took forever to do. So much text...and it all had to be lined up just right.

    I personally love the 1963 Topps baseball set. I think the design is fantastic and I'd love to assemble a complete original set. I think it's my favorite set from the 1960s. I have it on my "someday" list to assemble a set...but there is one big draw back for me. The set contains the Pete Rose rookie. I just did an eBay search (so I could give you a number) and recent sold PSA 5 examples are in the $700 range. That's all well and good...except the card is hideous. It looks like it was designed by a third grader. I can get behind investing large sum in a really appealing card...but I don't know if I can for a card I wouldn't even want to look at but need to complete a set.

    So, for now...the 1963 Topps set stays a dream.
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  18. CamaroDMD

    CamaroDMD Insert Cool Title Moderator

    So, I have the next two to share.

    I have been a die hard Carolina Panthers fan since the day they played their first game in July of 1995 (1995 Hall of Fame Game). Without question, my favorite Panther was Jake Delhomme. So, I decided to do a custom of him.

    #24 1984 Topps Jake Delhomme

    Next is more of a fun one. Some time ago, another member here suggested that I do a custom of Ed O'Neill's "Married with Children" character Al Bundy. I thought it was a great idea but didn't quite know how I wanted to do it.

    After some thinking, I decided to do a "Highlights" type card commemorating his legendary "4 touchdowns in 1 game" story. Since O'Neill was born in 1946...I estimated he probably graduated from high school in 1964 and thus his senior football season would have been 1963. I adapted a the design of the 1978 Topps Highlights card for this custom.

    #25 1978 Topps HL Al Bundy

    I'll post more as I create them.
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  19. unkilldoo

    unkilldoo Active Member

    wild thing.jpg They are looking great! Maybe it's almost time for a "Wild Thing" card from Major League?

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  20. CamaroDMD

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    Hmm. I like it. Let me figure that out.
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