My Lost Cards - Please Help Track It - The End of My Collecting

Discussion in 'Basketball Card Talk' started by JDThaRealist, Aug 18, 2010.

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  1. JDThaRealist

    JDThaRealist New Member

    Here are four cards that I lost. Hopefully someone will run across these cards and remember this thread. The cards that was suppose to be delivered yesterday never came and that is my last straw on this hobby. So I am done collecting.

    About seven months ago I lost two cards that has the confirmation status as delivered, so I decided to open a PO Box thinking it will be more safe there. Well last week a package never came so I received a full refund since there was no confirmation.

    I was supposed to receive a package yesterday and it stated as delivered in the confirmation. Went to the PO Box today and it wasn' there. I asked the lady at the front and she went looking for it, but there was no luck. I gave her my info and hopefully she will call me soon.

    She also said that yesterday there were two PO Boxes that were left open. I know for sure I will never leave it open because I alway double check and try to open it myself.

    I am trying to collect as much as I can of Eric Gordon #'d/10 but I lost two of them. So this is it.

    I don't have the SN on this, should of wrote it down. Hopefully someone can compare the auto and patch



    #'d/10 I dont know the exact SN because it wasn't stated on Ebay but I already email the seller for it
  2. JDThaRealist

    JDThaRealist New Member

    The Eric Gordon National Treasures Colossal is #'d 9/10
  3. Uncle Ted

    Uncle Ted New Member

    It could still work out, you're giving the Post Office too much credit! They screw up every single day, but they're not going to admit it to you! See what happens tomorrow, and Good Luck!
  4. JDThaRealist

    JDThaRealist New Member

    Well yeah there will always be mistake, but for me losing 4 packages is too much for me. I am coming back to the Post Office and hopefully they found it. Thanks Ted
  5. JDThaRealist

    JDThaRealist New Member

    i received my two Eric Gordon #'d/10 yesterday. It was placed in the PO Box next to mine, and the owner of that box returned it. I am stoked lol
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