Need advice. New to GU stuff, hasn't been collecting since the 89UD set

Discussion in 'Basketball Card Talk' started by rarerookies, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. rarerookies

    rarerookies New Member

    I am new to all this game used stuff and and graded cards. The last time I collected was when UD was just starting out and I stood in line at the comic store to get what I thought the most expensive card packs there ever would be until the $20+ packs of cards you see now.

    Anyway, I like the game used stuff a lot cause it seems that in the world of pack to slab its not hard to get a gem mint ten but if you’ve got one of only 100 ever made of some card.

    Since I am new I’d ask for some advice from some seasoned vets. These are the cards I have got so far and prices I paid. Good buy, bad buy?>


    Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdual-Jabbar TImeless Treasures (GU Jersey) 13/50

    Isiah Thomas Timeless Treasures (GU) Jersey 2/5

  2. stoked_81

    stoked_81 New Member

    nice looking cards but you forgot to put the prices you paid
  3. bjtheman1

    bjtheman1 New Member

    Definitely nice cards, and with all the different variations of patches, auto's, parallel's, etc game used's have become easier/cheaper to obtain over the years.
  4. rarerookies

    rarerookies New Member


    $14.00 bucks for the Thomas and about $30 for the magik and Kareem
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