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  1. escobar231

    escobar231 New Member

    I am new to this site and am looking for 90's or newer Michael Jordan inserts. Also need the older stuff as well. I do have a 2011-12 Fleer Retro Golden Touch PSA 10 with a population of 1 of 4 psa 10's. I will trade that for other Jordans if you have any I need. Maybe even Kobe's or Lebrons, just let me know what you have. Thanks

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  2. camaropat

    camaropat Active Member

    Hi, I have these Jordans for sale if interested in buying, $12 or more and shipping is on me, other wise $1.50 for shipping. Id also do the whole lot for $35 dlvd if you need them all by any chance, lol:

    93-94 Skybox Premium Dymanic Dunks $7
    93-94 Finest #1 $7
    92-93 UD Team MVP #TM5 $5
    92-93 Fleer Ultra Award Winners $5
    93-94 Fleer Superstars $4
    93-94 Topps Gold base #23 and 50 pt Club #64 $5 for both, 2.50 a piece
    92-93 Topps Gold #141 $3
    88-89 Super Star Sticker $5
    88-89 Fleer All Star Team $5
  3. escobar231

    escobar231 New Member

    I currently have those. Thanks for responding though.
  4. cinderr

    cinderr Member

    HI. I am new to all this to include trading, selling etc. I have about 45 Jordan cards from various companies but do not know what an insert is so may not be of any interest to you? I would sell these cards cheap as I have no use for trading, just decluttering my house. I think two might be baseball cards of him but maybe from cereal boxes, etc.
    It is not that I have fallen out of love with him--well, I guess it is! If you were to place $23 in my paypal account, I would send all and I would pay the postage. Just sayin'...if you're interested.

    Looking at what I have: UD, 93-94, Season Leaders, Scoring, $5
    Topps, 50 Point Club, 1993, $2
    Wheaties! $3
    Rare Air, UD, no date but beautiful, $3
    Fleer, '97, (2 of 6 it says), $2
    The Investor's Journal? (number 2),$3
    1991,Jordan and Malone, NBA Hoops card, $2
    Major League Prospects card, baseball, Jordan and Frank Thomas, $3
    Fleer, 1991, All Star Team, $3
    Skybox, '90-91, Michael vs. Magic, $3
    White Sox, (OP?), in his uniform, $3
    USA Basketball, NBA Hoops, 1992, $3
    UD, 1993, 3rd MVP award, $3
    Gee, did I get carried away or what? It was so cool to see them all again. Lots more.
    PS, I found an UD, '97, Mark McGwire card among them, if anybody likes him. We're not mad at him anymore, are we?
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  5. NORD

    NORD Member

    img222.jpg Found this if your interested(make me an offer)
  6. Andrew Townsend

    Andrew Townsend New Member

    Hi my name is Andrew. New to this. I looked the values in a beckett I have. Have a 2003-2004 Upper deck Hardcourt Heart of Champions MJ1 $6.00, 1999 Upper Deck HoloGi FX Holofame HF1 $20.00 , 1998 UD Choice Starquest SQ10 $4.00, 1998 Hoops Pump Up The Jam 5 of 10 and a 1999 Stadium Club Royal Court King of Kings RC 9 $15.00 would like to sell. Would like an offer if you do not have them. I have them in cases will send them in an envelope if interested.
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