Discussion in 'Sports Card Chat' started by ac-n-mike, Apr 6, 2009.

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  1. jagsfan92

    jagsfan92 Token Jaguars Fan

  2. Papascards

    Papascards New Member


  3. bib22

    bib22 New Member

  4. bbasketballstr11

    bbasketballstr11 New Member

  5. rookmyster

    rookmyster Member

  6. bbasketballstr11

    bbasketballstr11 New Member

  7. chitownfanatic21

    chitownfanatic21 New Member

  8. paull56

    paull56 New Member

    my guess is 235.50
  9. aoskwhite84

    aoskwhite84 E-A-G-L-E-S go EAGLES

  10. wmhc28413

    wmhc28413 New Member

  11. abradley08

    abradley08 New Member

    final price:91.00
  12. bbasketballstr11

    bbasketballstr11 New Member

  13. abradley08

    abradley08 New Member

    this doesnt count as a guess

    91.00 is the final price guessing has been closed for 4 hours
  14. abradley08

    abradley08 New Member

    winner :party3:
  15. bbasketballstr11

    bbasketballstr11 New Member

  16. bbasketballstr11

    bbasketballstr11 New Member

    ha I know but it was worth a shot
  17. abradley08

    abradley08 New Member

    yeah. Im not the prize mailer but no body else is here to announce the winner.

    you will be contacted when the main man gets on
  18. detroit4life

    detroit4life New Member

  19. abradley08

    abradley08 New Member


    can a mod please lock this forum to keep people from guessing after its over?
  20. ac-n-mike

    ac-n-mike New Member

    its funny that it's over and still people get it wrong LOL
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