New here lookin for Raymond Felton!!!

Discussion in 'Basketball Buy/Sell/Trade' started by jbskate50, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. jbskate50

    jbskate50 PERM-A-BANNED

    just lookin for some Feltons to add to the pc lmk what u have
  2. Carolina_Crazy06

    Carolina_Crazy06 New Member

    im the felton u got any doubles/anything u wanna get rid of lmk cause i would b interested

  3. kgbball10

    kgbball10 New Member

    like what autos, jerseys lmk ill spread the word
  4. jbskate50

    jbskate50 PERM-A-BANNED

    yea mostly autos,jsys, patches and some rcs i dont have and im still tryin to get the 05-06 and 04-05 finest rainbows of him

  5. jbskate50

    jbskate50 PERM-A-BANNED

    alright well dont really have any doubles at the moment but if u got any 04-05 or 05-06 finest of him that i need i would trade another felton for it

  6. 77ncaachamps

    77ncaachamps THE Marquette Collector

    Have these:

    RC patch /20

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