Nick Foles/Andrew Luck's/Fred Taylor/Troy Aikman/and Others

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  1. First off, I would like to say sorry for how the pictures are in here. I use my phone to take pictures and haven't figured out how to make them up right and how they need to be. Will work on it as I trade/buy/sell. Thank you!

    Ok, now to business! Here are some Nick Foles 2012-2013 Score/Leaf Draft cards, some Nick Foles and some others I have been holding onto. Willing to trade all for one card! Something can always be worked out. I also have other post up as well for cards I am trying to sell. Look out for them. THANK YOU! Looking for Peyton Manning cards, jersey pieces, autos, Can work something out I am sure!

    The far right is an upperdeck Star Attraction Terrell Davis from 1997 (card id number on back is SA18)
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