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Discussion in 'Sports Card Chat' started by ChiPhil, Oct 3, 2013.

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    I mentioned the other day collecting cards from unlicensed releases. That got me thinking about Panini's Cooperstown release. Aside from the photos sometimes cutting off at the forehead (I assume to eliminate logos on hats) I think the base cards and inserts are nice.
    The checklist is what really stands out. Murray Chass and Vin Scully are two non-players who were featured in some sets (aside from some others). I'd love to have an autograph of either one.
    The only other time I ever bought non-player cards was when I bought a small box of umpire cards and that was just to get autos TTM.
    Are there any non-players you would buy an autograph of?
  2. IQless1

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    I've bought a lot of non-sports cards over the years, if that counts. :D

    As for non-player sports-cards, yeah, I like 'em, as they are unique...something different from the typical player-cards that make-up 99.9% of the hobby.

    With football, they occasionally throw in a coach in some sets, and I like that. With NASCAR, I've got a lot of team-owners and other odd-balls, like the trailer/haulers.

    For me, it's interesting to see that kind of stuff, to learn about the coaches, or the owners, or even the semi-haulers that transport the cars from city to city. ;)
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    My friend showed me a card where the Obama family is pictured and on the bottom of the card it is titled "Family Time Out". I was surprised to see that style of card. He said it was mixed in with a normal pack of sports cards. If he somehow got that autographed by Obama then I would pay for it. I think it would be worth a lot of money with the autograph and even if it was not, I'd like to have it for my personal collection.
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    I'd love some of those Presidential cut-signature pieces, but I have a strict budget (currently "zero" lol) so I doubt I'll be getting any soon.

    True story though: As a kid back in the 70's, I thought of the idea of putting past and current "celebrities" (of all sorts) on trading cards, with autos and pieces of clothing (etc.), but had no way to make it happen myself.

    Although I missed the opportunity myself, I'm just as happy to see others were able to realize theirs, and that I have the chance to own some of that stuff I had envisioned as a kid.
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