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Discussion in 'Basketball Card Talk' started by lafastbreak, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. lafastbreak

    lafastbreak New Member

    Javaris Crittenton! I know I haven't really had any deals since I said I was returning but now i'm going to try and go after all of his stuff. Right now Finest is the only thing out for him correct?
  2. ozballer23

    ozballer23 New Member

    Finest would be his only existing licenced NBA card.
  3. GotGibson?

    GotGibson? New Member

    sorry but never heard of him...was he just recently drafted?
  4. lafastbreak

    lafastbreak New Member

    yeah, although I have seen his topps mcdonalds all american card and one went/going for over thirty and the other two are much cheaper so hopefully I can pick one of those up soon also.
  5. lafastbreak

    lafastbreak New Member

    drafted #19 overall this year by the Lakers. I think he could be a steal for that late but we will just have to see.
  6. Quincy8Douby

    Quincy8Douby Nets Fan

    Yeah he's a great player but very young and will take at least 3 years to develop... don't expect to see a ton of pt out of him, but i loved watching him in college... an exciting guy.
  7. lafastbreak

    lafastbreak New Member

    Him and Thaddeous Young were both fun to watch. I'm having paypal transferred to my account now to pick up most of his finest stuff. You think he will be exspensive to start or pretty cheap?
  8. Quincy8Douby

    Quincy8Douby Nets Fan

    Probably pretty cheap... but you never know if his stuff could rise during the summer league...
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