Offering my new way of doing 50/50, check it out!

Discussion in 'Autographs (Through The Mail & In Person)' started by tigsfan, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. tigsfan

    tigsfan New Member

    I'm looking to clear out my base cards, and what better way then to get some 50/50 done of whatever you are willing to do. Most cards I have are from 2000-2009, but none of the prospects products.

    Leave your lists here and I'll see what I can do. If you happen to know years, teams, or anything on what product they are in, you will get a much quicker response.

    Also skip down to post #4 for another offer I have going!
  2. Prospect Wizard

    Prospect Wizard New Member

    Anything for the Jupiter Hammerheads or Palm beach cardinals, and Sarasota reds and Ft Myers Miracle and Charlotte Stone Crabs. My brother, (felixpie) and I will do what we can for ya.
  3. tigsfan

    tigsfan New Member

    I don't open any minor league stuff, so I might have Palewek but I doubt it.
  4. tigsfan

    tigsfan New Member

    Just to get more interest, here's what I'll do for those even just wanting ADDRESSES for TTM! I'll do all the research and find out the success rate and junk, you just send off to him. Here's the ground rules:


    You send to player X a 09 Topps and a 08 Upper Deck. Some things can happen:

    A) They return both signed, I get one and you get the other, YOUR CHOICE.:)

    B) Not returned at all, so nobody gets anything.:(

    C) 09 Topps is signed, 08 Upper Deck is not (or vice versa). You keep the signed card, I get nothing.;)

    Doesn't that sound like a great deal? I got mostly baseball, a little basketball, football, and hockey too. Everything from Brett Hull to Peyton Manning to Robert Parish to Paul Konerko! Send your requests my way folks!
  5. tigsfan

    tigsfan New Member

    Baseball is the strong point, but I got a little of the other sports. Anybody looking for addresses?
  6. markakisfan33

    markakisfan33 New Member

  7. tigsfan

    tigsfan New Member

    I'm also looking for 50/50 takers for FanFest events, I can provide the dates for any teams that you are interested in going to.
  8. reggiebush25

    reggiebush25 Sophmore

    albert pujols
    prince fielder
    curtis granderson
  9. tigsfan

    tigsfan New Member

    PM sent!
  10. tigsfan

    tigsfan New Member

    BREAKING NEWS 50/50 ALERT!:egypt:

    A working address for DON MATTINGLY, one time Yankee great and current LA Dodgers coach has been found! :happyclap: I will take numerous 50/50 trades on this address (return was 2/2) as I feel they are likely authentic (but can never prove that). Read the rules outlined above if you are interested.:wow1:
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