Ortiz... Ejected, Rejected, and with this attitude should not be Elected (to HOF)

Discussion in 'Baseball Card Talk' started by ranbethscards, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. ranbethscards

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    Big Papi? acting more like Big Baby.

    3 and 0 pitch... he steps out of the box as the pitch is released. Sure it was high, but what do they teach you in Little League? DO NOT step out of the box prior to the pitch. Umpires WILL call it a strike almost every time. Look at the video... what a shame... as the 3 and 0 pitch comes to the plate, Ortiz steps out of the box, the umpire calls "strike!" and Ortiz tosses his bat as if the umpire was going to change his call to Ball Four.

    Then he swings at a pitch low and inside, obvious ball four, and strikes out... but wait.. who's fault is it? The umpires? Surely NOT Ortiz' fault... so he goes to the dug out and takes it out on the telephone.

    You have to give the umpire credit here... he let Big Baby have his say at home plate without ejecting him, but there was no way the umpire was going to let Ortiz abuse the telephone.

    After reviewing the video, and noticing the numerous "black outs" over his mouth and hands, I have to believe that MLB will have a thing or two to say about this situation... maybe a game or two suspension for Mister Ortiz?

  2. IQless1

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    'Roid-rage? :confused: He's a pretty big guy, and sometimes getting that big isn't all-natural.

    Even looking at it from his point of view, he should get a suspension....and he should understand why...once he calms down and sees the footage. He lost his temper on the first called strike, making him lose his focus on that obvious third strike. Instead of shaking it off, he let it gnaw at him. Acting like a baby, he blames the ump for being struck-out, and takes his frustration out on the phone using a bat...dangerous as can be, as someone could have gotten seriously hurt if they were behind him as he swung, or from flying debris.

    Yeah, I'd give baby a time-out....to reflect on things. ;)
  3. cinderr

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    He probably doesn't care but it sure was a bad example for our Little Leaguers! We endeavor to teach sportsmanship and some professional athletes blow us out of the water! I have a low opinion of this player now---do you?

    Mr. Ortiz had a rough day, giving all his fans a rough and embarrassing day! His behavior is hard to defend. We try to teach out Little Leaguer sportsmanship so how do we explain away this conduct? I just said," don't do that---it makes you look ridiculous." Shame on Ortiz!
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  4. IQless1

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    My son played t-ball when he was little and he had a run-in with a bigger kid who took my kid's baseball and tossed it into a road. I jumped out of the stands and got the ball, then walked to the kid and told him not to do that, where of course he pretended he didn't do a thing.

    Some kids learn that kind of behavior, but some are just born that way. I'm leaning heavily on the latter for that kid.
  5. NattyBoo

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    Biggest abuse of a phone since Hal McRae... or Naomi Campbell.
  6. athletictypist

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    In my mind, he should be suspended for that outburst. It is NOT a joke. Someone could have gotten seriously injured from all that debris. A grown man has no business acting in that manner with as much as he is getting paid to represent himself and his team.
  7. 4justice

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    This is a problem in sports period. Most of the athletes start acting the moment ANYTHING doesn't go their way. The bad part is, I can see younger generations emulating how Ortiz acted and then thinking "it's part of the game".
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