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    Panini is getting ready to release two products... one is HIGH priced... the other is "Maw, can we mortgage the house so I can get a box..." priced.

    2015 National Treasures Football Hobby Box
    Configuration: 1 pack per box; 8 cards per pack
    Pre-Order Pricing: $485.00
    Box Break:
    On average, each box contains two base, rookies and/or legends cards (sequentially numbered to 99 or less), three autographs and three memorabilia cards.
    - On-Card National Treasures Rookie Autograph Patches with jumbo prime swatches from the 2015 Rookie Photo Shoot are sequentially numbered to 99. Look for Tag, Brand Logo and 1-of-1 NFL Shield variations.
    - Hunt for the all-new Treasure Chest quad-fold booklets which features up to 24 pieces of memorabilia or 12 signatures all on one card.
    - Look for inscribed autographs in the Personalized Treasures and Notable Nickname sets, both sequentially numbered to 25 or less.
    - Collect the America's Team and Steel Curtain sets, featuring autographs and memorabilia from the best of the past and present from the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers franchises.
    - Find unique memorabilia cards in the NFL Shields, NFL Shields Dual, NFL Captain's Patch, Brand Logo, Nameplates, Leather & Lace, and Colossal Materials insert sets.

    NOTE: Re-read the Box Break information... "on average..." What does that mean? It means, for example, you are NOT guaranteed the three autographs and three memorabilia cards in YOUR box. You might get four autographs and two memorabilia cards... or... you might get one of each... and the guy that purchases the box behind you ends up with five of each... therefore "on average" there are three autographs and three memorabilia cards. NOT a fan of the "on average" box breaks.

    2015 Flawless Football Hobby Box
    Configuration: 1 pack per box; 10 cards per pack
    Pre-Order Pricing: $1399.95
    Box Break:
    - 2 Gemstone Cards
    - 6 Autographs
    - 2 Memorabilia Cards
    - All On-Card autographs
    - New for 2015 Ruby and Sapphire gemstone cards. Look for 2 gemstone cards per box.
    - New on-card autographs for 2015 include Aaron Rodgers, Brian Urlacher, Clay Matthews, Dick Butkus, Don Majkowski, Hines Ward, Jack Ham, James Harrison, Jim McMahon, John Stallworth, Michael Strahan, Mike Ditka, Tony Dorsett, Warren Sapp among others.

    Not sure how anyone can justify the $1399.95 price tag... heck, I have problems justifying the $485.00 price tag. For the Flawless Football... even at $200.00 each (for the book value of the autographs) that only brings the "resale" value to approximately $800.00-$1000.00, NOT a flippers dream box.

    Just my thoughts on high priced boxes... save your money and pick up the cards you need on the 'Bay.
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