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    Hi so I'm a life long collector of baseball, football, basketball cards and have a massive collection and for most part have everything vintage that I want or can afford at least (t206 Wagner dare to dream) heres my dilemma I'm named after a common baseball player from 1958-1969 named Gary Geiger I've collected him my whole life 39 years....i thought I had everything of him until last year when I realized I need the topps buybacks and I've been on the hint ever since . I have 1960,61,64,66 I'm searching for any other years if anyone has any or could point me in a direction? Hard part is topps wont confirm who was put into the buybacks or how many so I have no way of knowing what exist???? Will buy or trade for any of these if prices are fair....also made a huge mistake on eBay and missed a 2015 I believe gypsy queen framed 61 or 62 topps stamp of him is love to own if anyone has one ????? And searching for a red 1962 salada coin I have plenty of blue ones the red is avoiding me ! Anyways excited to find this forum and hopeful someone has some of these crucial pieces to complete my collection it's not easy collecting a common form yesteryear...thanks in advance for any replies
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