Really NEW To Collecting Basketball Please Help Me Please!

Discussion in 'Basketball Card Talk' started by 12detroit12, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. 12detroit12

    12detroit12 New Member

    I am VERY NEW to collecting Basketball and the ONLY other sports I have collected is Hockey! And i am a SUPER Hockey Card Collector!

    I just need help fitting in, like I need advice on cards and players and all that! My favorite player is Allen Iverson and I only collect him!

    I would LOVE if people helped me out a little bit and welcomed me in to Basketball

    I have $40 to spend on cards to start a collecting as my collection ATM is nothing

  2. meloman315

    meloman315 GeT FrEaKy

    i have a couple iversons including a 05 i think finest uncirculated box toper
  3. johnjohnny

    johnjohnny New Member

  4. johnjohnny

    johnjohnny New Member

    welcome to basketball.

    hot players

    kevin durant
    john wall
    demarcus cousins
    blake griffin
    tyreke evans
    steph curry
    b jennings

    just to name a few.

    are you collecting for money value, favorite player or fav team?
  5. 12detroit12

    12detroit12 New Member

    Im collecting because I want to get into another sport :) And I enjoy watching Basketball and Iverson is my favorite player in the NBA
  6. chitown2010

    chitown2010 New Member

    sadly iverson isnt in the nba
    he plays in i beleive turkey now
  7. johnjohnny

    johnjohnny New Member

    i know this but there are different ways to go about it depending on how you are collecting.

    and yes iverson will be playing in turkey this year:(
  8. 12detroit12

    12detroit12 New Member

    Ohh I see now
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