Remember Michael Jordan? Greatest Player of All time?

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    I can't be buying myself, for financial reasons, but you may get more interest if you list the cards. It's tedious work, but it generates more interest because people will know what they'll get and what to offer for them.

    It'll help your chances of a sale by adding the year, manufacturer, set, card #, and any other pertinent info like whether or not it's a Game-Used (GU), auto, Insert or serial #'d in the following examples (note: these are fictional entries):

    1994 Upper Deck # 23

    1994 Upper Deck Jerseys # 23, 143/299 (in this example, "Jerseys" refers to it having a piece of jersey included as part of the card, # 23 is the card number, typically printed on a card and "143/299" is a serial #, typically stamped onto the card)

    1993 Collector's Edge Supreme, Game Ball NNO (This card would have a piece of basketball inserted into the card. "NNO" means "no number", typically numbers are printed on the card, but not always, and sometimes it's letters, as in the example below)

    2001 Pacific, Jordan Salute, # JS-MJ3 (Here the "Jordan Salute" would be written on the card somewhere, front &/or back. In some cases, only the card number "JS-MJ3" is obvious, so just use that, we'll figure out the rest lol)

    1997 UD Collector's Choice, Stick-ums, # 8


    Hope that helps, and good luck.
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    Hey, thanks for the advice. I have time enough to do that and I'll give that a try! Really great and helpful advice.
    PS--I get the financial restrictions:(
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    Your welcome. You might wanna research the cards yourself, to see what they are going for, but if you list just a couple of them first I can refine your search options for you on the rest so you can get an idea what the individual cards are going for.

    You'll still need to list them in their entirety, or post a photo of them all together, to get people interested, but Jordan is a very popular name so there's sure to already be interest.

    A word of warning though: Groups of cards like this are referred to as a "lot", and "lots" sell for much less than you'd think they would, even for such a star as Jordan.

    An example: I have "lots" of every baseball team that I'm willing to sell. The problem is that when I did research on what they'd go for, I got a huge wake-up call. My lots contain a couple hundred different cards of each team and I found many examples being offered on eBay for a penny a piece for each card...and no takers.

    It wasn't always that way, but the economy isn't what it used to be, and collector's aren't buying "lots" like mine much anymore, at least not for a respectable price. When they do, they get them reeeeal cheap. Heck, I was tempted to scarf-up some lots myself (of Packers) but I can't, I have a "hold" on all purchases. Your lot looks interesting too, but even it had valuable cards in it (most Jordans are actually not that valuable) and it was offered cheap, I couldn't buy it.

    That should give you an idea of what the current market is like, which I consider to be severely depressed. IMO, it'll be years before the economy returns to pre-'08 levels.

    But you never know. Jordan is one of those players that people like to collect, so the market for him is huge. I just checked eBay and I see a 113-card lot (no autos, no GU/relics) is selling for $46, with an hour left. I may have to change my strategy and put player-sets together....someday....some long away day, as I have too many cards and the thought of spending years doing that gives me a headache lol
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    Ok, not to try to discredit any potential buyers, but I have to say this to protect you.

    Selling that Jordan baseball card as a last resort and only if you desperately need the money. Jordan's baseball card sells extremely high. One of the upper deck cards for him sells for about $200 for some reason.

    The others sell in the range of $15-$25 It all really depends on the brand maker of the card too.
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  6. IQless1

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    Good warning. I have a Game-Bat card of his, and the value of it is probably only around $20 to $30.
  7. 4justice

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    It's worth checking out. The thing is people make the mistake of thinking that just because they have a person's card that the value is/isn't there.

    People make the mistake of not taking into account the brand of the card.

    In all fairness though, I'd hold onto the card anyway. Because as digital cards start to rise, old fashioned cards will fade off. Which means any cards that were already valuable will become that much more valuable.
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    Thank you for the info. I will look further into this. I have no use for these cards anymore so if I can sell them it would be good. Where do you look up the going price for a card? Do they still make Beckets Magazine? Wrong name? sounds weird. thanks.

    Good to know!
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    Beckett does have an online service, but it doesn't show prices unless you subscribe, which isn't cheap.

    Use the info found on the card to find listings for it on eBay, Amazon, and other auctions and retailers, using the criteria I mentioned before:

    Year - Most modern cards have a copyright on the back in small print containing the year of the copyright. Occasionally it differs from the actual product, but typically you can find your specific card online using the copyright year.

    Manufacturer - It isn't always necessary when looking-up a card online, but it doesn't hurt to find the Manufacture in the copyright notice. Examples being Upper Deck, Collector's Choice, Topps, etc. If there are words on the front of the card that look like a manufacturer, go with that, as that will usually do.

    Set - Again, probably on the front of the card, and usually more useful than the manufacturer when searching online. The reason being the way people post's usually incomplete anyway lol

    Card Number - Usually printed on the back of a card in the upper corners, but occasionally elsewhere. Sometimes the "number" is actually letters, or a combination of numbers and letters.

    Name of Player - Critical in searches, most of the time.

    Put them all together and use a search engine, like Google, to search for other people posting the same card online. eBay, Amazon, and other auctions and retailers are your best bet for getting current market prices. Search all hits and you'll find a range of prices that your card is currently or recently going for, either with "asking prices" or actual sales.

    An example of a typical search:

    2002 Topps Pristine # PP-ES Emmitt Smith

    Using that criteria you'll probably find your card listed as "2002 Topps Pristine Patches Emmitt Smith PP-ES" or something similar, in a variety of links. Check out each link and see if it's your card, and also to see if additional information, such as the asking price or selling price, is mentioned.

    Good luck.
  10. cinderr

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    Yikes, there's more to this than I thought. I will keep this info and see what happens with Mr. Jordan. Thanks bunches!
  11. IQless1

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    If it's possible, post a photo or a scan of both the front and back of the card here. We'll tell you everything you need to know, using the information on the card.
  12. cinderr

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    OK, I'll need a kid to show me how---grandchild or child. I just went through and find I am missing one whole sheet. I did find another Jordan card in a cardholder that I must have thought was important at one time. The baseball Jordan's are kind of weird, almost like the Wheaties card---I don't see any markings per se. I have a Rare Air, a hologram Jordan but I think that one has the McDonald's emblem on it. One of the baseball cards is a two picture one with jordan and Frank Thomas. I found a Mark McGuire card hiding in the back, possibly in disgrace:) Didn't he get in steroid trouble? Tomorrow I'll see what I can send. Gracias.
  13. IQless1

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    The McDonald's Hologram card is easy for you to find on eBay. Just type:

    McDonald's Hologram Jordan

    ...into Google and you'll find your card by clicking on an eBay-link. Or, go to eBay and enter the words in a search, and you'll find 'em that way too.
  14. rcg2222

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    I would say list them individually on eBay with the best photos you can with long, detailed descriptions. Collectors are out there and looking, but we can't even begin to make an offer if we don't know exactly what you have.
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    I had completely forgotten about that debacle. I just read the wikipedia article and it says that he made the switch partially due the to murder of his father?! I think I might live under a rock because I had no idea that his father was killed...
  16. cinderr

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    Oh gosh, yes. All for a Lexus! His dad had borrowed Jordan's Lexus. Was travelling, pulled over to nap. The car was jacked, dad murdered--over flipping vehicle. Sad indeed but I am not sure that was the impetus for his move to baseball.
    He felt he had accomplished all that he could with basketball, even asked Phil Jackson' opinion, wanted to make it big in Baseball He didn't. Baseball was actually his first love over basketball but he grew so fast, they could not keep up with the short pants! So he went to a sport with short pants:)

    Thanks for the advice; we'll look into ebay altho I have always stayed away from it.
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    Wow that's pretty tragic. It makes you think whether this type of adversity is what makes the difference between a great athlete, or just another washout that ends up in the gutter.
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