Rookie Card Quinton Patton Jersey piece.

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  1. I went to Walmart the other day (after not collecting after a LONG period of time). I picked up a box of cards and inside the box were these 2 cards that I am very curious to know about a possible value AT THIS TIME and an idea of if I should keep it or go ahead and try to sell it. A few questions later in these posts as well. Thank you a hold of time.

    Story on the back for this card states: The enclosed material was cut from an authentic item personally worn/used by Quiton Patton on May 18 at the 2013 NFL PLAYERS Rookie Premiere and is guaranteed by Panini America, INC. The top right it says Rookie RC Card (the logo) and on the right it says Absolute FOOTBALL 2013. Here is a picture.


    I am not sure if the pic shows.

    I guess I will see if the pic shows and see if I get some help soon. I just want to know if its worth something to hold onto and keep one of my cases for it or just tuck it in a box... Let me know someone.
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    The pic's there, but sideways lol...that's not really an issue though. ;)

    Unfortunately, I can only give you a general idea on value, as the one football pricing guide I've gotten in the last decade or so is from Sept, 2013, and doesn't list that particular product. The product would be listed under 2013 Absolute, for future reference. Other examples of producers are Topps, Upper Deck, Panini, etc., and there are many many products produced in a year.

    Bear with me here, as I'm going to attempt to explain some other trivial details first. They'll help you find prices on cards, should you pick-up more of 'em and wanna know what they're worth too.

    The subset, or insert as it may be referred to as, is going to have "Rookie Roundup" as a title, probably with something like "Materials" too...or possibly "Rookie Premier", but that's determined by someone typing-up a price-guide. As such, it varies from person to person. Space limitations within price guides typically forgo all that, so "Rookie Roundup Materials" seems likely.

    As for probable values, I can say that a 2013 Quinton Patton RC appears to be worth about twice the value of an "Unlisted Star" card from the same set. The prices I found are generally between $20 and $30, but those are for autographed cards, not material cards, which tend to be somewhat lesser, maybe half that, but that's not a rule, per se.

    It's important to note that values can differ significantly between products. A Topps RC of someone may be sayyyy, $10, while an Upper Deck may be $20, and a Panini product may be $30. All three companies I mentioned above produce more than one product too, and values vary between those different products. An example of that is Topps Pristine versus Topps Archives versus Topps Heritage.

    Just something to keep in mind while searching for values. Try to find the right year, manufacturer and product, and search using those terms. In your case it's somewhat irrelevant since it's typically listed only by the product, and not the manufacturer (probably "Playoff", btw). It can get confusing...and annoying...but if you're at it long enough you'll eventually figure out people's and price guides short-hand.

    For the record: I'm still working on figuring out people's odd-short-hand lingo for cards...even after 15 or so years of exposing myself to it! :eek: I must be a glutton for punishment! :D

    As "help" (a debatable term at this point), I've included a link to some 2013 Absolute info below.

    If you look at some other cards there, you may get an idea of what yours is worth, or better yet, and if you haven't already, try searching for your particular card with Google or whatever and you might find it. Prices vary greatly sometimes for identical cards, but you should be able to get a general sense of it's value by looking for actual sales of that particular card. It's also important to note that the values stated in price guides generally differs greatly from the values derived from actual sales. Price guides are just that: Guides. I prefer actual sales to get a more true idea of value.

    As far as whether or not to keep it, that's up to you. I'm a collector myself, and don't part with my cards easily, but do on occasion. If collecting cards isn't your primary interest, selling or trading it is always an option. In any case, do what feels right for you, it's your card. ;)

    Hope this helps. I guess I should have mentioned aspirin earlier, but eh, by now you'll know if you need it or not. :D
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    Don't know for sure, but usually rookie material cards (ie stuff from photoshoots) are bvs 8-10 for common players. Patton has a bit of a following, but if you don't collect him or the 49ers it wont be a card to invest in really (unless he blows up next year of course). 2 have sold on eBay, looks like about 3-5 is the Sale Value on it. here a link to the sold ones on feeBay so you can check it out: rookie roundup&LH_Complete=1&LH_Sold=1&rt=nc
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    That sounds right. I went on and on...'cause I was half asleep. I also see I was slightly intoxicated lol
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  6. Hmm, that isn't bad I guess. Maybe I should hold on to it!
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