reports: "10 Richest Pro Wrestlers of all Time"

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    No matter what your views of the professional wrestling industry may be, one point that cannot be argued is that if you are good enough at it, you will make quite the nice living for yourself.

    Now that doesn’t just mean inside the ring. No. With your growing popularity in the ring comes other opportunities outside of it, especially on the Hollywood scene.

    So, have you ever wondered who the wealthiest professional wrestlers of all time are?

    If you have, then lucky for you that has compiled the list of the Top 10 wealthiest men that have ever stepped foot inside the squared circle on a full-time basis at one time or another.

    10. Mick Foley- $15 million

    9. The Undertaker- $16 million

    8. Shawn Michaels- $17 million

    7. Chris Jericho- $18 million

    6. Kurt Angle- $20 million

    5. The Big Show- $20 million

    4. Triple H- $25 million

    3. John Cena- $35 million

    2. Steve Austin- $45 million

    1. The Rock- $70 million

    Now if you’re somehow wondering why the names of Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan aren’t on this list, please remember that as great as those two were at their craft, they’re not exactly the poster children for how to use your money wisely.

    Other than that, the names on this list aren’t all that shocking, especially that guy at number one who’s garnered himself a project or two outside of the ring.
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