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    One thing I really like (for whatever reason) is autographed cards of college football players. I'm a huge college fan, and I just love collecting cards of players in their college uniforms.

    To that end, I have decided to start a PC of college auto sets. I have for some time been working on an older set. I have been working on a 1995 Draft Signature Rookies auto set. That set was something I collected as a kid and back then I thought it was a really sweet set because there was an auto in every pack. Of course, the players were later round prospects (although the set does include Terrell Davis, Curtis Martin, Derrick Brooks and Kordell Stewart). The set contains 79 cards and I will continue to work on it in the background.

    But, the new project will be a 2006 Press Pass Bronze auto set. I really like this set because it has several big name college players from the peak of the BCS era...many of whom failed to make it big in the NFL. It includes Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, Vince Young, and other greats from that era. Even better, the cards are quite esthetically pleasing. If that's not enough, it's a very affordable set. As typical unnumbered Press Pass sets are almost worthless. That's fine with me, it means I will be able to build the set cheaply.

    The set contains 76 cards. I purchased a group of 15 of them online the other day...mostly commons but it was around $18. I think it will be a fun project.
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