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    Title says it all, just about. I am currently on a PC goal to complete the 1965 Topps Baseball set BEFORE Next year in honor of the 50th Anniversary (and my 50th Birthday in April) I am am looking to get them as cheaply as possible and in pretty decent shape. I will I am open to trade but lately I haven't had the stuff people want in return.

    They don't have to all be Excellent condition or better, but I also don't want any super poor fillers that I have to look for an upgrade replacement later. Creases are fine, as is some off-centering, but all writing needs to be intact especially on the back.

    You can check my progress and what I need on my blog

    Currently I have 32% of the set: 194/598 (196/600 w/the variations to a couple of the Checklists)
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