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    On the back of those ticket stubs you get when you go to the races, does it not say something to the following, "By entering this facility, you assume all risks and X company is not liable for injuries and/or damage." Just makes me kinda mad that people wanted money after the incident at Daytona last spring....

    VIA JAYSKI.COM: Nine fans injured when a race car flew into a safety fence and sprayed debris in the grandstands at Daytona International Speedway last year have reached a settlement with the track. International Speedway Corp. will not release the amount of the settlement with the nine claimants represented by the Morgan & Morgan law firm, said Lenny Santiago, ISC senior director of public relations. Santiago declined to reveal details in the interest of the privacy of the fans involved. "I can say that we have reached settlements with several claimants related to the incident, but, as has been our practice throughout, we are not going to discuss any of the details," Santiago said. At least 28 spectators were injured including 14 who were taken to local hospitals when Kyle Larson's car crashed into the fence and sprayed a tire and other debris into the grandstands during the Nationwide Series Drive4COPD 300 on Feb. 23, 2013. Andrew Felix, an attorney with Morgan & Morgan, said the settlement covered all of the people represented by the personal injury firm, but he also declined to reveal the amount or any other details.


    Despite popular opinion that does not automatically exclude them from lawsuits. However what it really boils down to is do you go to court and fight these people that were injured at your facility. You are a billion dollar company yea you could fight drag it out and alienate the public or you could just pay them off.

    Odds are these people are needing their medical bills paid for. and lost wages. There might be someone with a scratch wanting to get rich but most are just wanting to not be in debt the rest of their lives because they sat in the wrong seat
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    ... and on the back of the tickets (at least at Michigan International Speedway) it spells out very clearly that only "SOFT-SIDED coolers" are permitted... and yet people get upset when they are told their "hard-sided" coolers are not allowed and they have to take them back to their car.

    ... and when the ticket says "By entering this facility, you assume all risks and X company is not liable for injuries and/or damage.", it is referring to simple incidents, such as tripping on the stairs, getting hit by a bottle (thrown by some idiot), and even some dirt/grime thrown in the air by cars as they go around the track. Nobody expects the car to come through or over the fence. The track did the right thing by helping those people out. The sad thing is, and the article doesn't mention this, how many of these individuals got minor scratches, but saw the almighty dollar sign and jumped on the band wagon.
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    I mean, I would expect for the track to pay for my medical bills if I got seriously injured because of something that happened there that was out of my control. I would never get sue-happy and try to get millions of dollars, but I wouldn't want to have to struggle to cover my medical expenses when they have plenty of money to handle them for me.

    That said, people are ridiculous when it comes to rules. No one seems to think that the rules apply to them.
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    Well said Randy, I have to agree with you and everyone else. I would expect them to help with the medical bills, but not go sue happy
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    Exactly, but you have to understand that everyone is "sue happy" nowadays. You know how it is. People get salt in their paper cuts while eating fries at McDonald's and are ready to sue the corporation for pain and suffering. Get outta here....
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