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Discussion in 'Basketball Card Talk' started by benchmadenyc, May 16, 2017.

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    I recently broke a bone of Hit Parade Platinum ($200/one high end hit) which I purchased from Dave and Adams. Normally a solid dealer but in this situation it couldn't be more opposite. I pulled a Kyrie Irving on card auto from Limited 2011...Good card right? Wrong! The auto is in such bad shape I can't begin to imagine how they would of let this get packed. It looks like a bad color, put of focus photocopy. When I reached out for a response to this situation...Nothing, no return email or phone call. Meanwhile I left with this card that is essentially worthless. Just a buyer beware that if you plan on buying from these guys in the future, don't be surprised if you get rooked.


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    You must understand... Dave and Adam's are NOT responsible for the cards inside the box (unless the box was damaged or previously opened). You need to contact the manufacturer (Panini).
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    Completely agree. Dave and Adam's have no idea what is in the box that they sell you. This is a quality control issue with Panini. I would contact them...maybe they can get you a replacement or something.
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