The NFL in England?

Discussion in 'Sports Chat' started by NickJ, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. NickJ

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    So the NFL has flirted for years now with the idea of bringing a team to London. It hasn't happened yet, but games are being played there now. They still don't have an 'official' team yet though. So my question to you guys is, do you think one day the NFL will give London England an official, licensed team? Or will they just move one of their current teams (Browns, Jags, Bills) to London?
  2. CamaroDMD

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    I don't think either will happen. I don't think having a team that many time zones away will work well. I think we will see some additional expansion for games outside the US (a few in the UK, Mexico and maybe elsewhere in Germany)...but I don't see a full fledged team being at "home" in Europe. I just don't think the logistics will work.
  3. NickJ

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    Yeah the travel is very draining on the players. Which is why the product when they play in England, produces lopsided games most of the time. I think any NFL team in England would need an extra bye week or a larger sum of home games versus away games.
  4. CamaroDMD

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    Which would provide an unfair advantage...I just don't see it happening as a result. Canada could do it...but not Europe.
  5. Edward

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    Bring it Home guys!!! Go Go Go England ;)
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