Tim Tebow to sign with L.A. KISS?

Discussion in 'Sports Chat' started by ranbethscards, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. ranbethscards

    ranbethscards NASCAR products are back baby!!!!! oh yeah! Moderator

    News agencies across America are buzzing with the news that the Arena Football League's expansion team, L.A. KISS, have made an offer to Tebow...

  2. Taliasen

    Taliasen Collecting Rickey Henderson and Sean Casey. Moderator

    Interesting, but I do not think he will take the offer.
  3. pojokers

    pojokers Member

    This would be a great grab for the Arena Football League. For Tebow I don't think so. He still has a chance in the NFL I think.
  4. thajayz

    thajayz Member

    Tim Tebow is not going to play arena football. He won't play in the CFL either. If anything, he will become a motivational speaker or have a reality tv show. There have been a couple movies made about him. I really enjoyed "Tim Tebow: Everything In Between". It chronicled his preparation for the NFL draft. I don't think he will ever play football again.
  5. BradHemphill

    BradHemphill New Member

    I still think this is a good idea. I was a massive KISS fan growing up and I don't doubt they will put out an entertaining product in LA. Tebow and Simmons seem like an odd pairing. Good thing Gene likes making money more than he hates in-you-face evangelicalism.
  6. thajayz

    thajayz Member

    I am a huge KISS fan too and I own a lot of Tim Tebow memorabilia. So, this is a match made in Heaven for me too. I think the worst thing that could happen to our Tim Tebow collections is that he just disappears and drops out of the limelight. Somehow, I doubt that will happen. He'd be perfect for a reality television show.
  7. BradHemphill

    BradHemphill New Member

    Good point. Plus, he is definitely a strong enough football player to be in the game somewhere.

    I saw KISS the first time live in 1977. I had just turned eight. Dated myself, I realize but I still have great memories of those times.
  8. Asport

    Asport New Member

    There have been a few quarterbacks in the NFL who have come from these kinds of leagues. I understand that Tebow may see this type of offer as being beneath him, but if he wants to try to make it in the NFL which he states that he does this may be a stepping stone for him. I could see him being a motivational speaker, but I do not believe that is what he wants to do according to him. He wants to play in the NFL, and if you are not playing football at all it sure makes it hard to accomplish what he says he wants to do.
  9. thajayz

    thajayz Member

    I think the Bills will consider Tebow now that EJ Manuel is out for 6-8 weeks. I think it is a smart move. It gives the team hope, sells tickets and gets a lot of fans excited. He's built to play in the cold weather. I think he could get the Bills to the playoffs. He can easily run Doug Marrone's read option offense.
  10. rand paul

    rand paul New Member

    Tebow is the man.
    He should be playing with the best palayers and on the best teams.
  11. sillylucy

    sillylucy Member

    I don't think he would take this offer. He's so hot right now and I am sure that other teams are willing to offer more than KISS. Sorry Simmons!
  12. nowicki2013

    nowicki2013 Member

    If I was Tim Tebow I would never sign with them. He is way too good of a QB to be playing arena football. Look at how good he did when he took over in the second half for the Broncos a couple years ago. He's the only reason they even made the playoffs. I just don't understand why all the NFL teams think he's worthless.
  13. IQless1

    IQless1 Active Member

    You related to him or something? o_O

    I don't mean to be cruel here, but I truly thought he was mediocre...and I'm trying to be gentle here.

    That said, if I was related to him, I wouldn't be so gentle.
  14. eagle22

    eagle22 New Member

    I honestly do think Tebow has potential to be a decent quarterback in the NFL someday, but if he wants to make it in the NFL I do think he will need to play Arena or in the CFL a bit to get the feel for things. Is he the greatest quarterback? No, not at all, but I do think he has the ability to at least be a decent QB in the NFL
  15. matty11127

    matty11127 New Member

    I think he wants NFL or nothing. He goal, always was to be in the NFL, and that would be just a step back for him. Now I understand he has his chance in the NFL, but did he really get a chance? I don't think he would have made a good NFL quarterback, but maybe a tight end. That's where I would have placed him as a coach.
  16. CamaroDMD

    CamaroDMD Insert Cool Title Moderator

    I think he had some opportunity as a TE...or even some kind of multi-role player, but it sounded like he wasn't interested. For a guy that painted himself as the ultimate "team guy" who wanted to be an NFL player more than anything...I sort of feel like he turned his nose up at a lot of things. In the end, he was stuck on "being a quarterback" and I think that's why nobody had any interest in him. I think had he been willing to do anything for a roster spot...the Patriots could have found some use for him.

    But, that's just what it seemed like to me.
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