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    I have a Reggie Jackson Topps rookie card. I know that it would be worth a nice amount if it was in mint condition but it is not mint. It has been in a protective case for a while but does have a a bent corner with a crease by the corner. What kind of value do you think the card has?
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    Well, the '69 Topps is listed for $150 to $300 in the September 2013 Beckett price guide. That would be in mint, and your's sounds like it's in "good" condition, which may be as low as 10% of that, depending on what people are willing to spend for it.

    If it's just the corner, and the rest of the card looks great, it could be worth more to a collector, maybe up to 50% or so of the list value, but I doubt many would pay more than that.

    Best case scenario, sight unseen, as described: $75 to $150. $150 being the very high end, with few collectors willing to go that high for it. $75 is very likely, given the card and issues, IMO, though quite a few collectors would pass on it, even at $50.

    If there are other issues: As low as $15 to $30, but it would have to be in pretty bad shape to be that low, IMO, as there are likely to be enough collectors out there who would value the card higher than that, even with the bent corner.
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    A scan would really help us out on helping you determining (or at least, giving you some idea) of the pricing on this card.
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    That's preferable, but a lot of people don't have scanners.

    The prices I gave are very rough estimates based on the value of the card in mint condition and the type of damage described.

    IMO, a small corner fold reduces this type of card's value to about half (at best, a quarter more likely), with a significant number of people not interested in it for even a fraction of that.

    Still, enough people should be interested at $75, I know I would be, if I had the cash and given the description. But yeah, I'd have to actually SEE the card to put out the cash.
  5. thajayz

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    I've never used a scanner in my life. I guess I'm old school like that. That's unfortunate that the corner fold would reduce the value by 50%. It seems like quite the drop in value just for a small fold on the perimeter of the card. That's the business though. I don't think that I would let it go for $75. That's an incredible drop off from the $500 that I anticipated.
  6. ranbethscards

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    I understand that alot of computer users do not have access to a scanner... but what about web cams or cell phones?

    -- of course web cams and cell phones cannot give us a true enough picture, but it's better than nothing!

    As far as a corner being bent... at yesterday's Card Show I saw quite a few T-206 (1909-1911) graded cards that had creases in them and still had a respectable grade... and the difference between a graded T-206 with a bend/tear and a non-graded T-206 with a bend/tear... we are talking possibly hundreds of dollars. A collector might not spend $25.00 on a T-206 with a bend/tear, but if the T-206 is graded, that same collector might spend $100-plus!

    sooooo... after checking the Graded Price for the Jackson RC, I see the worst case is Poor (1) at $30.00 and a Mint (9) for $4,000.00

    Sorry, the graded price does not include a Mint (10).
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    I'm an oldie - no cell phone but I do have a web cam though I have never used it. I actually covered it up with a sticker because I don't trust this technology. I don't want the government looking at me through my web cam because Prism puts them in the clear to do so. I'll see if I can borrow a friend's camera some time to take a pic. That would be higher quality than a web cam or phone pic like you indicated.

    30 dollars to a 4 grand is quite the price range. I figured that I would be in better shape with the corner being bent instead of there being a defect in the middle of the card. I'm just going to hold onto it for the time being. Thanks though.
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