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    Trading/Selling Guidelines:

    Be alert and check your trading partner's profile for a "Must Send First" tag. This tag is placed on a member's profile for a reason!

    The accepted shipping standards here at Sports Card Club are as follows: Cards in penny sleeves, top loaders taped shut, and inside a sealed team bag. Cards are to be mailed in a bubble mailer envelope, and shipped via regular mail unless otherwise specified. This is the only accepted method of shipping here on this site, unless both parties agree to something different. PWE (plain white envelopes) are not acceptable, unless both parties agree to this. Do not assume it is okay to use a PWE without asking the other party, and they agree. We also strongly suggest that DC (delivery confirmation) is used on all deals, especially those that involve a great deal of monetary value. Insurance is also highly reccomended on deals over $30-$40, but that is strictly up to the you guys to decide. The staff will do everything they can to help settle trade disputes, but if you don't follow the site guidelines, and reccomendations that are in place, it's gonna be very hard to do anything for you.

    a) New members with less than 10 Feedback MUST SEND FIRST on all Trades/Sales.

    b) Always use delivery confirmation or other legitimate tracking services when mailing packages or sending funds through the mail.

    c) Absolutely NO selling or trading of “Incoming” Cards.

    d No selling or trading of "Grab Bags".

    e) No Selling of Boxes/Hot Packs unless approved by an Administrator.

    f) Group Breaks may only be hosted by Administrators or Moderators. Members must obtain permission from an Administrator before they may host a group break.

    g) Try and make your trades/deals as easy and as friendly as possible. Scans of what you have for trade speak volumes and help trading move along at a fast pace. Do not draw out the trade/deal any longer than it needs to be. A good rule of thumb to follow is "If you can't make a deal with someone after 20-30 minutes of continual contact on the forums or in the chat room, then it's probably time to move on."

    h) Familiarize yourself with the iTrader features and use them to your advantage.

    Thanks for choosing to spend time with us and enjoy the hobby here at!
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