Trying to get out of the hobby, please check out my eBay listing!!!

Discussion in 'Sports Card Chat' started by amentola, May 16, 2011.

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    Sports Cards Pujols Peterson James Bryant Autograph $$$ - eBay (item 270751046122 end time May-27-11 19:51:27 PDT)

    Check it out.
    I am trying to get out of the hobby but have too many cards to list one by one and try to sell, so i am trying to do this for some fun.

    If you like the idea, i'll sell em over here...and do the same thing, money back guarentee. let me know guys, like i said i guarentee youll like the lots as I will be very generous due to the simple fact I really don't have any interest in cards any more.

    I have a money back guarentee, and will be posting this sale up every couple weeks, so try it out. If you dont like it, money back guarentee, if you like it, buy more!
  2. amentola

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  3. amentola

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    live dutch auction break - Page 3 - Sports Card Forum - Sports Cards Community

    Check the reviews guys. I already shipped to Canada (got a 1/1 and 7 GUs including brees bolding in 8 lots) and sent a Deangello williams GU and johnny bench GU to someone who purchased THREEE lots.

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