UPDATE - Mad Max Papis gets slapped, girl banned

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    With all the drivers that Mad Max has wrecked, it's truly amazing that this is the first confrontation he has faced... it was another driver's girlfriend... apparently she hit him hard enough that she dislocated his jaw.


    "... the man in the family..."???

    What? You just got punked by a girl half your size and you want to ask the question "who's the man?":p:p:p

    To be fair... Papis is the driver who earlier in the year walked by another driver getting out of a Nationwide Car and slapped him as he passed by, he did not stop to confront that driver.
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  2. ranbethscards

    ranbethscards NASCAR products are back baby!!!!! oh yeah! Moderator

    Sporting News NASCAR reports:

    The Story continues with:

    Anyone else having issues with Papis admitting to ESPN.com that later, he went to Skeen's hauler and pushed Heaphy "aside"? If he touched her in any manner NASCAR needs to step up and BAN Papis. And Skeen's comments that Max grabbed Kelly aggressively, well... sorry guys and gals... this makes my blood boil.

    NASCAR... do the right thing... Papis is bad for the sport... time to kick him to the curb.
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    Yeah, for a couple of reasons.

    One, Heaphy was fined $2,500 for her attack on Papis, which I find odd given she's not a driver or crew member....and also Papis "pushing her aside" is also an attack, and so he himself needs to be fined, or disciplined in some manner, as he actually is under their authority.

    Both have cases to be made in court, btw. Heaphy had no right to slap him, and he had no right to touch her.

    Now, the big, odd-shaped, man said he doesn't believe in hitting women, but he obviously doesn't have an issue with pushing them around.

    He's a bully, plain and simple.
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    We don't know the whole story about the 2nd incident, so don't go jumping to conclusions here. The slap she put on him was way out of line, and I was told dislocated his jaw bone. For all we know he went to the hauler to confront Skeen about how he sends a girl to fight his battles for him? For all we know she could have rushed him again, and he pushed her out of the way to protect himself? The crazy biotch already assaulted him once, I don't blame him for pushing her away from him. Not after what she did.

    I don't believe in hitting girls either, because my parents raised me properly, but Papis should not have to sit there, and get hit by that physco, and not do anything but stand there. If she wants to be involved in violence, then that was a good start to get herself involved. You play with fire, you get burnt. I have zero sympathy for this woman. She should be locked up doing stuff like that.
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