Video From The Upper Deck Black Diamond Quad Diamond Draft

Discussion in 'Hockey Card Talk' started by Leafsfan1967, Apr 15, 2014.

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    As you may have heard, randomly inserted inside packs of 13-14 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey, were very rare 1/1 quad diamond cards of 25 of the top rookies from this year's crop. These cards are super thick, and contain four one carat real diamonds imbeded in the 1/1 rookie card. This was set up as a redemption, and if you were lucky enough to pull one of these cards, they scheduled a draft that took place tonight at the UD headquarters. Each entrant had their name put on a ping pong ball, and were drawn out of a ballot box one at a time. When they pulled that person's name, they were called, and asked to choose one of the 25 different cards. Only 11 of the 25 redemptions were entered in the draft, so there are still 14 available unredeemed, or unopened as of yet. Those who pull them now will get one of the remaining cards not chosen at random sent to them.

    Obviously, it was important to know what rookies were the best ones to choose first, as they would be worth the most. Nathan MacKinnon was by far the best rookie in the NHL this year, so no surprise his card was taken first overall. What made this more exciting, is one of the 11 guys that pulled this lucky card is someone I've known for 10+ years from the old Mcfarlane message board, and we've traded numerous times there, and on Hobby Insider. Rich ended up with the 2nd pick, so was very happy for him. No idea what these are gonna actually be worth, but some will be in the thousands, or more, I'm sure. Enjoy the video.

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    very cool way of doing the draft... congrats to Upper Deck for pulling this off. With all the grief they have gone through over the last few years (with the "fake" jersey cards, etc) it's good to see them "redeem" themselves a little bit.

    Cannot believe there are 14 unredeemed cards out there. Thinking it's time to buy a box of BD!

    However... the flashing red light on the hard hat was a little much...

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    I wouldn't be surprised if some of those were pulled, and are sitting in showcases waiting to be sold. Probably we'll see a few at the upcoming Toronto Spring Expo? Still some decent names left unclaimed. The only thing now is if you get a redemption card now, you don't get to choose what one of the 14 left, you are given one at random.
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