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    I originally made an error when posting this thread, since I only saw an edit feature not an outright 'DELETE' I made a change to it.

    Normally the Only Basketball cards I collect are the Washington Bullets/Wizards (Baltimore Bullets). I look for those, mostly the older Bullets stuff preferably non "junk years".

    On my blog I am trying to start a regular "Random Act of Cardness" of sending out Team Lots. I initially got the idea in an effort to get rid of my Non-Bullets/Wizards Basketball that newer than 1980s. Then I got to thinking if I had enough newer products I could make my team lot giveaways a more regular thing provided I was motivated enough to package up the cards and can afford to send out. Lately I'm stuck in the procrastination of just plain not sorting and not packaging for ship out.

    So I will consider buying random lots of mostly current Basketball cards. In addition to Wizards/Bullets cards that I need.
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