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    I was able to do the hotel and the game for autographs, and it definitely was not anywhere near as crowded as it was on Sunday for autographs. :D I was the first one at the hotel so I was able to get a great spot. I will go ahead and say that everybody that signed at the hotel signed for everybody. There was only 1 player that did not sign at all and that was Nick Young. I'm not sure what is up with him, but he always signs it up in every NBA city but Indianapolis...here he never picks up a pen once all trip long. Here's the details on each Wizards player at the hotel:

    Gilbert Arenas: Of course did not travel.

    Andray Blatche: Thought he was suspended as there were rumors of him getting a suspension from the team because of the incident between him and Flip Saunders the night before in a game, but apparently he left out a different door of the hotel and took a cab to the game.

    Earl Boykins: wow, very tiny dude, can't believe he's in the NBA lol. Cool guy, asked if he would like to keep a card and he was very interested in doing so. He was doing (I think) 1 per, but my mom was there with me and she got one signed as well.

    Javaris Crittenton: Of course did not travel.

    Randy Foye: Real nice dude. I asked him about the story I heard someone on a different site report from Randy (at the Wizards practice facility) about if KG does indeed tell his teammates to not sign or anything like that...I got a different answer from him this time and he said that he didn't really know what I was talking about and that he doesn't know about KG and anything about signing. Foye was cool to everybody though and was giving out THE BEST auto I've ever seen from him. It is "R. Foye #15" which is so much better than the "R.F.1" he used to give. I used to be a HUGE Wolves fan so I was very happy with getting Foye for my first time ever.

    Josh Howard: Did not travel due to injury.

    Shaun Livingston: Signed lots...did a bunch of multiples, too. He was pretty cool as well. I'm glad to see him back in the NBA with a guaranteed contract now.

    JaVale McGee: Same as Blatche...Apparently he took a cab out a different door of the hotel.

    Mike Miller: See JaVale McGee.

    Fabricio Oberto: Fabricio was awesome. Took his time with his autograph and just kept on going with it lol. It is the best Oberto auto I've ever seen...Plus, he's got a pretty cool signature, but maybe that is because he wrote so much on my index card that makes it all that cool. :)

    Quinton Ross: Good guy...got him earlier this year with the Mavericks. This time, he signed with a bag of Chick-Fil-A and a drink in his hand, signing for everybody wanting him. His auto was a little bit bigger this time thankfully, and someone asked him if he could sign it big on an 8x10 and he actually gave a respectable auto haha. If you don't know, his auto usually can't be seen on an 8x10 it is so small lol.

    James Singleton: Nice guy, signed for everybody wanting him. Had a great game, too!

    Al Thornton: Awesome guy, cool to talk to. He was doing 1 per, but I'm just glad the guy signs.

    Nick Young: Ignored everybody and ran right on the bus. Same as always though, and idk why.

    Flip Saunders: Real cool guy and was real nice. Signed lots, too (I'm not sure if he was 1 per or not, but signed for everybody wanting him). He has a good auto too, especially the one he put on my friend's basketball in silver--it couldn't have been signed with a nicer, more-full auto.

    Randy Wittman: Signed for everybody wanting him. His son plays for Cornell, so be watching out for him in the tournament!! :) Randy is a former IU player, so getting an auto from him is good for my IU collection lol.

    Sam Cassell: "E.T." was awesome lol. He had no problem signing cards or photos, but he kept saying "no balls" meaning he was not signing any basketballs. My friend asked if he'd sign basketballs with an inscription and he still said "No, no basketballs period. I'm not signing any of those." He was doing 1 per I believe, but my mom got my 2nd card done. My friend said that he could get some more cards signed by Sam for me, but I didn't bring any others with me, although I have lots more to get done lol. I might just give up on Sam now as I have a total of 4 signed for my Wolves collection now.

    I won't mention the scenarios with the Wizards' team security guy, but man he's very strict, try's to act all tough, too. Sort of funny, but he made an announcement to all of us people wanting autos about Randy Wittman and it involves me largely, but it's too long of a story to tell here lol. Just real funny, though. Apparently this guy has been with the Wizards for about 6 or so years, so some of the "veteran" people getting autos has known about him for a while.

    Then at the game, just for the Pacers...My mom helped me with each player as well:

    Roy Hibbert was actually out at the game for the first time all season (well actually, he's only been out there once his whole NBA career for shootaround, and that was because him and Rush were forced to do so, and that was at the very last game of the season last year for Fan Appreciation Night). Roy came off the court and did (I think) 1 per, so I finally got some more cards done by him.

    T.J. Ford: Been having a good streak with him lately. He was in a good mood again today and signed for everybody. He was still 1 per of course.

    Luther Head: First time I've ever gotten him, so I now have an autograph of each current Indiana Pacer. He's a real soft-spoken person, but a heck of a player. He's also 1 per I believe.

    Danny Granger: Actually came off the court and had time to sign for everybody. They told him time to go, but he still hung around to sign for everybody wanting his auto. Danny Granger is one awesome leader for the Indiana Pacers!!! I'm glad he's going to be around for another 5-6 years (at least) still!!

    ^^ That was the best I've done with the Pacers at a game this year, mainly because I've never gotten Luther before and also Big Roy was out there at shootaround and signed.

    The Thornton auto is upside-down...partly my fault.
    -index cards are Shaun Livingston and Fabricio Oberto.


    -index card is Randy Wittman

    Thanks for viewing and please leave any comments you may have!!!
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