What Rookie are you Collecting this Year?

Discussion in 'Basketball Card Talk' started by ewilkens, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. ewilkens

    ewilkens New Member

    With the first couple of products out, the teams in practice and the beginning of the season not too far away, lets talk about your hobby plans.

    What RC are you collecting this year, and why?

    For me its

    Derrick Rose - I'm a big Bulls fan and collect any RC I actually like. (I hated the Joakim noah pick, so I didnt collect him) I know I wont be able to afford alot, but I'm going to pick my battles wisely and nab a few Rose this season.

    So who are you collecting?
  2. Steve_O_21

    Steve_O_21 <a href="http://tinypic.com" target="_blank"><img

    Brandon Rush a.k.a. Rush Hour 2

    Roy Hibbert
  3. Official Aristocrat DJ ??

    Official Aristocrat DJ ?? <a href="http://tinypic.com" target="_blank"><img

    Eh... I like Donte Greene cuz he's a Syracuse boy. But he wasn't around long enough for me to get attached to. Plus he didnt have any great moments while he was there. Nothing super clutch. I may grab one or two of his RCs. Definately gotta get an auto at least.

    Next year is when I'll likely be collecting Johnny Flynn. Now him I'm a big fan of. Big East ROY last year. Hopefully he'll have a big season this year and go top 5 in the draft.
  4. megabyterex

    megabyterex New Member

    me in football , it's Erik Ainge, he went to my high school.
  5. GotGibson?

    GotGibson? New Member

    Thunder rookies. All I know of the top of my head is Russell Wesbrook and D.J. White.
  6. ewilkens

    ewilkens New Member

    That's kinda cool, granted we're talkin basketball, still cool nonetheless. I dont have any idea how old you are, so forgive me if this is dumb, but were you in school at the same time he was?
  7. Moosehead

    Moosehead HALL OF FAME FREAK

    Anthony Randolph for me!
  8. ambrosio_09

    ambrosio_09 New Member

    Danilo Gallinari, Nicolas Batum and Serge Ibaka
  9. Jadley

    Jadley New Member

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