What the heck is this card?

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  1. kobe bryant

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    Okay, I'm a bit confused with this card... It shows 3 players - Ron Harper, Eddie Jones, and Lindsey Hunter. But the card has freakin cut lines! Was the card meant to be cut? Also, at the back of the card, there are three card numbers instead of one. If I'm gonna trade this card, can I get three in return? Lol.
  2. CamaroDMD

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  3. LindaKay

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    It doesn't look like much, so I don't know if you can get three in exchange or not. :/ Either way, I probably wouldn't cut them apart. It might be worth something someday, so I wouldn't want to take the risk.
  4. Hands

    Hands Active Member

    No don't cut them.

    That card is considered ONE card so you could expect to get ONE similar value card in a trade.
    Or 3 lesser valued cards if you want to go down that route.
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